• Traffic stop near Woods Eldo.  Warning

• Neighbor requested welfare check on S Hwy J Stockton.  Neighbor is fine.  HBO

• Traffic stop on Hwy 32 and 420 Eldo.  Clear.

• Male subject at residence on S Hwy J Stockton.  Subject has been evicted from residence and is there shooting guns.  HBO

• Harassment reported at Woods Stockton.  HBO

• RP stated an employee was assaulted at the OT Marina store.  HBO

• RP called and stated they’d found drug paraphernalia in the home on Hays Stockton.  Officer dispatched and property collected.

• Traffic stop east of MFA Stockton.  Warning

• RP states boyfriend stole her dog on S Hwy 39 Eldo.  HBO

• Officer out on building check on S 151 Rd Eldo.   Building secure.

• Traffic stop on Stockton square.  Citation issued to Zachariaz Keiser.

• Officer out on extra patrol at Casey’s Eldo.  Vehicle to be towed.  Two subjects with revoked license.  Patrick Decker arrested.

• Officer out on extra patrol on Hwy 32 and M Stockton.  Clear, no report.

• Federal Protection reported alarm on S Hwy RA Fair Play.  Building is secured by officer.

Ambulance calls: 2 Stockton; 4 Eldo

Fire calls: grass fire moving toward house on 1451 Rd

Polk County requested assistance on E 370 and S 21st Rd Polk County


• Traffic stop at Ehlers.  Warning

• Traffic stop on Hwy HH and Patriot.  Released, no action.

• Traffic stop 1 mile west of Masters turn off.  Warning

• Traffic stop 1325 and Hwy 39 Stockton.  Warning

• Traffic stop behind Cassels Real Estate Stockton.  Warning

• Polk County transferred call of a disturbance on E 2120 Rd Stockton.  Fiancé drunk and yelling and in her face and said he was going to jump off of 245 bridge.  Clear, no report.

• Polk County transferred call of a disturbance on Hwy 245 and 2120 Rd Stockton.  911 hang-up,  Appeared to be a domestic situation.  Unfounded.

• Cattle out 4 miles west of Hwy 97 on B Vernon County.  Transferred to other agency.

• Assault reported on S College Stockton.  Everyone is fine and parties separated.  HBO

• Civil situation on S 1485 Rd.  Unfounded.

• Polk County requested agency assist at Polk Cedar Line.  Officer met Polk to pick up female to transport to Dade County Line for pick up there.  HBO

• Traffic stop west side of dam entrance.  Citation issued to Marri Barnes.  Consent to search denied.

• Suspicious vehicle at campground on north of fishing beach.  Contact made.  HBO

• Received call of a civil nature.  HBO

• Officer attended City Council meeting Stockton.

• Suspicious vehicle at A and A Storage Stockton.  No action taken.

• Suspicious vehicle on S 1501 Rd Stockton.  Car has been in driveway for several hours with flashers on.  Unable to contact owner.  Will leave for a while to see if owner returns.  HBO

• OT reported camper parked and dogs left unattended.  No plates on camper.  Ranger contacted.  Owner returned.  HBO

• Burglary reported on S 1401 Rd Stockton.  Suspect seen in garage but officer could not locate.

• Disturbance reported on S Chestnut Stockton.  Couple fighting in yard.  Female escorted to CCSO and requested to be picked up.  HBO

• Agency assist requesting officer to go with to residence on S 1851 Rd Stockton.  Clear no report.

• RP stated a suspicious male and a trash truck on his property on 1675 and 1300 RD Stockton.  Possibly these people live at trailer park by the airport.  One is wearing an ankle bracelet.  Clear, no report.

• Court house employee requested welfare check on vehicle in parking lot that has been running for about 45 minutes.  GOA

• Officer received a call of an MVA westbound toward Stockton.  Stopped at Hwy 32 and 2025 Rd.  GOA

• RP stated he’s lost 60 percoset pills on S Chestnut Stockton.  HBD

• Traffic stop next to Hot Spot Stockton.  Warning

• Traffic stop on Hwy HH.  Warning

Ambulance calls: 1 Stockton; 1 Eldo

Fire calls: none


• RP stated his wallet is missing on S Chestnut Stockton.  Found it in trash can wrapped in a bag with 2 syringes and all the money was gone.  Clear, report taken.

• Officer out on follow up on E 2070 and 975 Rd Stockton.  Completed.

• MVA reported at west dam entrance and Hwy 32 Stockton.  No injuries.  Parties exchanged insurance information.  HBO

• C&I driver east bound on Hwy 32 out of Fair Play.  Transferred to Polk County.

• Officer out on extra patrol at Airport Village Stockton.  Citations x3 issued to Megan Hufferd.

• Officer out on building check at J&D Storage Stockton.  Unit secured.

• Traffic stop on Lakeview Stockton.  Citation issued to Zachary Karnes.

• Officer out with suspicious male at Hawker Pt Park Stockton.  Transferred to Dade County.

• Suspicious female at Hawker Pt Park Stockton.  She walked there after an argument at her address.  HBO

• RP states she’s been gone all weekend and discovered someone has been trying to pry their way into the house.  Door damaged.  Clear, report taken.

• Officer out on extra patrol at Price Cove.

• Subject called license bureau to check on a vehicle they were going to purchase.  Upon checking the Vin, the vehicle is stolen.  Employee notified CCSO.  HBO

• Officer checking out suspicious vehicle on Dunlap Stockton.

• Officer out on Blake St Stockton.

• Officer out on warrant check on Park Stockton.

• Officer out on extra patrol W and S of Eldo.

• Officer out at P&P.  Negative contact.

• Officer out at P&P Eldo.

• Traffic stop on Hwy 32 and 2025 Rd Stockton.  Warning

• Welfare check requested on E Hwy M Stockton.  Person missing and has been located.  HBO

• Officer out assisting motorist on Hwy 32 and 420 Eldo.

Ambulance calls; 3 Stockton; 3 Eldo

Fire calls: none

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