• Suspicious vehicle on E 350 Rd Eldo driving up and down road with lights off.  Someone did try to break into the garage.  GOA

• Welfare check requested on E 1658 Rd Stockton.  Received 2 requests on this person.  Officer received pictures via email.  HBO

• Officer out doing building check at Hopewell Church Stockton.  Code 4

• Officer out doing building check on 1900 and 125 Rd Jerico.  Code 4

• Traffic stop on 725 north of Hwy B Jerico.  No action taken.

• Male trying to break into house on E 360 Rd Eldo.  Clear, no report.

• Building check at Stockton Hardware.  Code 4

• Traffic stop on Rb and Blake Stockton.  Warning

Ambulance calls: 7 Stockton; 3 Eldo

Fire calls: vehicle on fire on 1125 and Hwy K Caplinger.  RP possibly knows the suspect.


• Suspicious vehicle driving up and down 350 Rd Eldo with no lights on.  GOA

• Traffic stop on 500 and 101Rds Eldo.  Warning

• Female struck a light pole on Hwy 32 and 1750 Rd Bear Creek.  Vehicle towed. Transferred to MSHP.

• Vandalism reported at horse shoe pits at Stockton Park.  HBO

• Received call that son in law is beating his daughter.  Turns out it was an argument between husband and wife on S 75 Rd Eldo.

• Traffic stop on Hwy 32 and Sac River Bridge.  Warning

• Drive off at Hot Spot Stockton.  RP will check cameras.  Identified vehicle and officer tried to make contact on S Hwy A Stockton.  Negative contact, left card in door.  HBO

• Traffic stop at Polk County Line on Hwy 32.  Citation issued to Samantha Bolen.

• Officer out on motorist assist on Hwy 32 and 500 Rd Eldo.  HBO

• Alarm Company reported alarm going off at Middle School Stockton.  Code 4

• RP stated he left his phone at Crab Tree Cliffs and when he went back to get it, it was gone.  HBD

• Traffic stop on Hwy 97 and 2100 Rd Jerico.  Warning

Ambulance calls: 3 Stockton; 5 Eldo

Fire calls: none


• Male possibly trying to steal an ATV at Calypso Cove Stockton.  Subject booked and released.  Vehicle towed.  Citations issued.

• Subject threatening employee at O’Reillys Stockton.  Requested extra patrol.  Same name of subject as in previous incident.  HBO

• Traffic stop just north of Spur N Caplinger.  Search denied.

• RP requested subject leave the premises on E 725 Rd Humansville.  HBO

• Welfare check requested on Orchid Stockton.  Notices sent to Barton, Jasper and Newton Counties.  Barton County located subject.  Asleep I back seat.  Barton to notify RP.

• Death reported on E Hwy Z Stockton.  Medic and Brumback’s notified.

• Traffic stop 1.5 miles south of Hwy 54 on 101 Rd.  warning.

• Officer out at open door on garage on E 350 RD ElDo.  HBO

Ambulance calls: 1 Stockton; 1 Eldo

Fire calls:grass fire on Hwy 97 and 1550 Rd Jerico


• Officers out on warrant service on North St Stockton.  Negative contact.

• Male subject causing a disturbance at Englewood Apts Stockton.  Subject told to stay in his residence the rest of the night.  HBO

• Officer out on extra patrol on Waggoner Rd Stockton.  Code 4

•Officer out on warrant service at Airport Vlg Stockton.  Ricardo Zanoni arrested.

• Walk in at CCSO seeking women’s shelter.

• Male subject showed up where he shouldn’t be due to a order of protection on Hwy Z.  Jaie Yarnell arrested.

• Officer out on civil process on S Park Eldo.  Due to Covid is non extraditable.

• Traffic stop on Hwy 54 West of 501 Eldo.  Warning

• Officer out on civil process on E 1300 Rd Stockton.  Negative contact.

• Received call of 2 young males running down highway on Hwy 32 by Agape.  Unfounded.

• Neighbor believes house next door has been broken into and glass broken on Hwy 97 Jerico.  Officer noted that the wind had blown it open.  Neighbor contacting owner.

• Received call of possible identity theft.  Charges made at Cox North  HBO

• Officer out on follow up at Sonic.

• Received call if a dispute at Airport Village.  HBO

• Alarm Company reported alarm on Alta Dr.  Clear, no report  Code 4

• Traffic stop on 1225 and 1500 Rd.  warning

Ambulance calls: 3 Stockton; 1 Eldo

Fire calls: none


• RP reported his home had been broken into on 1650 Rd Stockton.  Clear, report taken.

• Officer reported C&I driver at Caseys Stockton that appears intoxicated.  Driver sped off.  Officer located driver on the square behind lawyer’s officer.  Brian Jones arrested for expired license.  Also has warrant out of Springfield but will not extradite.

• Traffic stop on Hwy 39 and 1560 Rd Stockton.  Warning

• C&I driver at Cedar Ridge.  Older male, intoxicated, driving an ATV almost hit a child.  GOA

• RP reported 2 male subjects hollering and causing a disturbance on Blake Stockton.  Clear, no report.

• Officer reported 3 subjects at Casey’s Stockton, possibly highly intoxicate, yelling and cussing.  All 3 subjects walking home.  Clear, no report.

• Officer out assisting motorist o Hwy 32 by Calypso Cove Stockton.  Vehicle had a flat tire.

• RP reported a domestic disturbance south Hwy 54 on Hwy H.  female walking north and male going after her.  It appears that she is upset and may have been hit.  HBO

• There is a case of fraud reported involving gift cards bought for a scammer.  HBO

• Abandoned vehicle in the Methodist Church parking lot Stockton.  Vehicle marked for tow.  HBO

Ambulance calls: 4 Stockton; 4 Eldo

Fire calls: none


• Traffic stop on Hwy 32 and Hospital Rd Eldo.  Warning

• Traffic stop on Main and Joe Davis Eldo.  Warning

• Traffic stop on Hwy 32 and 97 Eldo.  Warning

• Family domestic reported on Orchard Stockton.  HBO

• Burglary reported on E 15656 Rd Stockton.  After investigating it was learned that no one had broken in as had been reported.  HBO

• Male and female fighting in Woods parking lot Stockton.  Just verbal, no physical.  HBO

• Polk County informed us a C&I driver was headed our way on Hwy 32.  HBO

• Inmate released from CCSO this morning and later some of his property was found by officer.  HBO

• Hot Sport reported a drive off.  Clear, report taken.

• Received call from the suicide hotline stating they received a call from a male threatening to kill himself.  Wouldn’t give name or location.  He did state he had a gun and would kill himself.  Dispatch got a ping on the phone number and it was in Vernon County.  Dispatch contacted Vernon County.

• Received call there is possibly a male on E 1120 Stockton that may have shot himself.  Medics dispatched and requested Brumbacks.  Clear, report taken.

• Received call requesting assistance locating a Stockton resident on S Bryant Stockton.  Caller needs subject to call them as there has been a death in the family.  Officer made contact with subject.

• RP stated garage has been broken into and tools and a 2007 Toyota Yaris were taken at 1656 Stockton.  Clear, report taken

• Sonic in Stockton reported 2 males fighting on lot.  Two males stated they were just playing around.  HBO

Ambulance calls: 1 Stockton; 4 Eldo

Fire calls: Vernon County requested assistance for grass fire at Olympia.


• Disturbance reported at OT Cabins Stockton.  Female banging on doors to wake up husband.  No fighting going on.  Clear, no report.

• Officer out at Bryan’s Auto Shot on Hwy 32 and M.  Code 4

• Abandoned vehicle on Hwy 32 and EB between 2 dam entrances Stockton.  Vehicle is moved off the roadway.  HBO

• Resident reports C&I driver from the night before on S 725 Rd Stockton. Speeding and afraid someone’s going to get hurt.   Advised to call when driver comes back.

• Officer out doing a building check at J&D Storage Stockton.  Code 4

• RP stated physical disturbance at S Hwy 39 Stockton.  Caller hung up before all information could be taken.  Officers dispatched.  All verbal and parties separated.  HBO

• Received information stating son may have broken into house on Hwy 32 Fair Play.  RP does not want to file charges.  Believes son may be going crazy, not on drugs.  There may be firearms in house.  HBD

• Federal Protection reported alarm at Stockton High School.  Clear, worker hit alarm accidentally.

• There is a verbal disagreement over river rights on Cowan Bridge.  HBO

• RP reported a tree blocking roadway on Hwy 32 and A Bear Creek.  Transferred to other agency.

• Trespasser on S 2001 Rd and refusing to leave.  RP cancelled call.

• Received call of an elderly male walking in road, and is drunk on Hwy 215 at State Park.  He got into a fight and is badly beaten up.  Officer arrested Lars Webb and brought to CCSO for Detox.

• RP stated male shining a flashlight into windows. On E Carmen Eldo.  Officer advised male not to go back to that location.

Ambulance calls: 2 Stockton; 2 Eldo

Fire calls: none

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