Levi Baumgardener, no operator’s license, $76.

Gage Howard, poss drug paraph, poss marijuana, $351.

Shane Lakin, driving while suspended, $275.50.

Lain Stevens, speeding 43/25, $136.

Trenda Loomis, endanger welfare child, $125.50.

John Donahue, disturbance of the peace, poss drug paraph, $251.50.

Aaron Eastham, dog at large, obnoxious dog, dog license required, $479.50.

Jessica Garrett, dog at large, obnoxious dog, $177.

Just Murphy, Driving While Revoked, Wrong Plates, FTS Insurance, Leaving Scene Accident, $577.

Brandon Parker, poss drug paraph, $225.50.

Dennis Smith, stealing utilities, utilities tampering, $301.

Emily Stowell, FTA per court order, $75.50.

Paige Walker, FTA per court order, 75.50.

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