• Suspicious person reported by Pirtle’s Auto Stockton. Vehicle broke down. Walking to get help. HBO
• Federal Protection reported alarm at Stockton High School. Later cancelled.
• Traffic stop near Sonic Stockton. Warning.
• Theft reported at Dollar General Stockton. Female stole a Halloween mask and refused to let clerk see in her purse. Officer made contact at Airport Village.
• Traffic stop near Boat House Stockton. Warning
• Officer reported abandoned vehicle at Storage Stockton. 18 wheeler tagged for towing on 08-22-20. Contacted owner of truck who contacted driver. He’s on way to get it. HBO
• Traffic stop on Hwy 32 and 501 Rd Eldo. Warning
• Traffic stop on Charles and South Stockton. Citation issued to Kolton Pyle.
• Abandoned truck on property on Hwy 39. RP wants it towed. HBO
• Officer reported property damage on Hwy Z and 825 Rd Stockton. Subject hit a stop sign. HBO
• RP stated mother in law is spreading rumors about him and wants it stopped in Jerico. He filled out statement of his version of the incident. HBD
• Traffic stop on Hwy B west of 525 Rd Jerico. Warning
• Abandoned vehicle at 1600 and 1851 Rd Stockton. It’s been there 3 days. HBO
• Officer out to deliver civil process on N Park Eldo. Papers served.
Ambulance calls: 5 Stockton; 1 Eldo
Fire calls: none
• Traffic stop on 1851 and 1600 Rd Stockton. Citation issued to Brandy Johnston.
• Suspicious vehicle on Hwy 32 Stockton. Resident gone but people in house going through her things. GOA
• Officer out on 1851 Rd south of 1600 Rd Stockton. Vehicle still there that was tagged before. Tag has been removed so Officer had vehicle towed by Mike’s.
• Suspicious person walking around and looking at things at Boat House Stockton subject said they were using the wi-fi but were asked to move along. HBO
• ADT reported alarm on E Hwy N Stockton. Code 4. Dispatch handled call.
• Theft reported on S Hwy 32 Eldo. Caretaker reported shed door had been pried open. Report taken. Extra patrol in effect.
• Male at 1st beach Stockton reported throwing rocks and RP and niece. HBO
• Cattle in road on Hwy 215 and 1860 Rd Stockton. Cattle put up.
• RP states someone forged his name on a vehicle title on S Jackson Eldo. No witness. No report.
• RP stated debris in road such as shingles and wood on Hwy 54 one mile east of Hwy 39 Eldo. HBO
• Atlas Security reported alarm on S Hwy J Stockton. No report.
• ADT Security reported alar on E Hwy N Stockton. Made contact with owner. Code 4. HBO
• RP reported motorist may need assistance on 1501 Rd Stockton. Other vehicles had stopped to help. HBO
• Officer reported out with vehicle that has open door on Park and Thompson. Cash on console. Nothing seems to be bothered. Secured vehicle.
Ambulance calls: 2 Stockton; 2 Eldo
Fire calls: none
• Suspicious person at Dollar General. Was just released from jail and is waiting for a ride. No report.
• Officer out on follow up on 20th Rd. HBO
• Officer out on follow up on Elm and 3rd Fair Play. Negative contact.
• Investigation on E Hwy 32 for possible missing person. Negative contact.
• Theft reported at Bryan’s Tire and Auto Stockton. Several items taken. Subjects have been named. HBO
• Subject came into CCSO to write a statement regarding incident on 1620 Rd Fair Play.
• Fraud reported on E 1600 Rd Stockton. Possibly phone scamming.
• C&I driver reported on Hwy 32 near dam entrance. Oats bus not maintaining lanes. GOA
• ATV theft reported on E 2000 Rd Jerico. Report taken.
• Received report of an assault that supposedly happened in late June on Oak St stockton. Victim is not telling about it. Talked to officer.
• Received a transfer call from Bolivar of a motorist needing assistance on Hwy 32. Appears that a tire blew. Subject has flashers on but is afraid someone is going to hit them. HBO
• Traffic stop on Hwy 32 and 1635 Stockton. Warning
• Alarm reported on S Allison Rd Eldo. Unfounded.
• Traffic stop on Hwy 32 and Church Stockton. Warning.
Ambulance calls: 2 Eldo
Fire calls: none
• Traffic stop o S Main Eldo. Warning
• Traffic stop on Hwy 32 and M Stockton. Warning
• Person seen removing package off of porch on Oak Stockton. Unfounded.
• Traffic stop on 1400 and 1325 Rd Stockton. Warning
• Suspicious person on S Hwy J Stockton. GOA
• Children reported riding bikes in middle of road on Hwy Z Stockton. HBO
• Theft of several items from a repossessed 5th wheel on E 500 Rd. HBD
• Officer handling a possible theft of a vehicle. RP came into CCSO to write statement.
• Damage done to steps on south side of Stockton Park. HBO
• Agency assist to Dade County.
Ambulance calls: 6 Stockton; 3 Edlo
Fire calls: none
• Traffic stop on Hwy 39 an 3rd. Warning
• RP reported hitting a deer on Blake St Stockton. Deer was put down. HBO
• Male, possibly intoxicated in a electric wheel chair at Orleans Trail Motel. He’s refusing to leave. HBO
• RP reported MVA at Sundae’s Stockton. Report taken.
• RP reported suspicious man, wearing only underwear, broke into residence o 1975 Rd Stockton. Don Gianesin has an active warrant out of Cape Girardeau and they will extradite. He was arrested and taken to CCSO.
• MVA reported on Hwy 39 and 1800 Stockton. No injuries. State contacted. Debris removed. HBO
• Detective from Greene County requested assistance in a case. HBO
• A scooter reported at Casey’s Stockton. Tagged for towing. HBO
• Received call of a female lost and in a ditch and can’t tell where she is. Located on S 25 Rd Eldo.
• Suspicious vehicle parked on Hwy B and 97 Jerico. Driver just trying to get away from some people. HBO
Ambulance calls: 3 Stockton; 3 Eldo
Fire calls: none
• Received call that under age female has alcohol and is being violent on Bryant St Stockton. HBO
• Received call of a C&I driver on Hwy 32 by Stockton dam. Tried to run them off road. Transferred to other agency.
• Welfare check on Orchard Stockton. Code 4 by HBO
• Suspicious vehicle on 501 and Airport Rd Eldo. HBO
• C&I driver reported on Hwy 32 and 2025. Unfounded officer.
• Traffic stop on Hwy 39 and 32 Stockton. Warning.
Ambulance calls: 4 Stockton; 4 Eldo
Fire calls: none
• Road hazard on Hwy B Jerico. Orange MODOT sign blown into highway. Unfounded.
• Traffic stop on Hwy 39 by Lutheran Church Stockton. Warning
• RP stated someone stealing walnut logs off his property on 625 and 2124 Rd. HBO
• Disorderly conduct on S Jackson Eldo. Subjects cursing at son driving by. HBO
• Traffic stop by City Hall Stockton. Warning
• Received call that Erin Jones would not leave the property on S 851 Rd Eldo and was causing a disturbance. She was arrested.
• Loud music reported on Oak and Sac Stockton. There was a wedding going on. HBO
Ambulance calls: 5 Stockton; 5 Eldo
Fire calls: none

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