Aug. 25, identity theft at E. Kaw Rapids Rd., Nevada.
Aug. 25, harassment at S. 1813 Rd., Sheldon.
Aug. 25, littering at E. Pumphouse Rd., Nevada.
Aug. 25, domestic dispute at S. 1413 Rd., Nevada.
Aug. 25, domestic dispute at E. Locust St., Nevada.
Aug. 26, resisting arrest/detention/stop by fleeing, operate vehicle in careless and imprudent manner, and exceeding speed limit at N. I49, Horton.
Aug. 26, auto theft at S. 2000 Rd., Walker.
Aug. 26, harassment at S. 1650 Rd., Nevada.
Aug. 27, domestic dispute at S. 300 Rd., Deerfield.
Aug. 27, driving while intoxicated at E. 54 Hwy., Nevada.
Aug. 27, trespassing at S. 1700 Rd., Nevada.
Aug. 27, theft at S. 1656 Rd., Nevada.
Aug. 28, suspicious vehicle at S. 1813 Rd., Sheldon.
Aug. 28, harassment at E. Albert Hill Rd., Rich Hill.
Aug. 28, theft at E. Whipsaw Rd., Sheldon.
Aug. 29, burglary at E. Katy Lane, Walker.
Aug. 29, property damage at E. MM hwy., Hume.
Aug. 29, domestic dispute at W. Market St., Sheldon.
Aug. 29, theft at S. Hickory St., Schell City.

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