• Trespasser on W Lafayette Eldo identified himself as a police officer and said he had a gun.  RP asked for an ID and he refused and left.  Notified ESPD

• Disturbance reported on E Fields Eldo.  Transferred to other agency.

• C&I driver reported on S 151 Rd Eldo.  Speeding by the RP’s address.  Same auto has done this before.  HBO

• Alarm Central reported alarm on S 2325 Stockton.  Officer on site.  Possibly small animals set it off.  Residents are home now.  HBO

• MVA reported west of Black Jack.  Non injury, roll over.  Clear, no report.

• Traffic stop west of Cedar Creek Bridge on Hwy 32.   

• RP stated her fuel tanks have been vandalized on 2451 Rd Stockton.  Approx. 200 gallons of gas and unknown amount of diesel taken.  RP filling out statement.  HBo

• Traffic stop on Hwy 32.  Warning for speeding.

• Traffic stop on Hwy 32.  Clear, no report.

• Traffic stop on Stockton Square.  Warning.

• Officer reported welfare check performed at apartment in Stockton.  Code 4.

• Hot Spot Stockton reported a truck running with no one around.  HBO

• RP came into CCSO to fill out emergency ex parte.  HBO

• Officer out on follow up on E Hwy C Jerico.  Requested tow on a trailer for theft of logs.  Mike’s Towing has trailer.  HBO

• Traffic stop Crabtree and Hwy 32 Stockton. Warning

• Officer out on public service at Black Forest Trailers.  Negative contact.

• Officer out on public service on Blair Dr Stockton.  Completed.

• Welfare check request at Cedar Ridge Campgrounds.  Male and female got into a fight and the male torokok everything except the tent and left the female there.  HBO

• Suspicious person going around neighborhood asking for cigarettes.  RP would like an officer to check the area on E Hwy 32 Stockton.  GOA

• Respondent in an ex parte is harassing RP on E Hwy EE Eldo.  Received 2nd call stating suspect in en route.  Unfounded.

• MVA on Hwy 54 and Hwy HH Vernon County.  Contacted Vernon County.

Ambulance calls: 2 Stockton; 2 Eldo

Fire calls: neighbor’s smoke detector going off and no one home on Englewood Stockton.


• Disturbance on e 1800 Jerico.  Husband yelling and throwing stuff.  HBO

• MSHP requested assistance on Sac and Hwy 32 Stockton.  Tobias Mantonya arrested for active warrants.

• Officer out checking building on Hwy 32 Stockton.  Broken window.  Officer spoke to owner.

• RP reported an assault on E Oak Stockton.  Claim was made that household not a safe place for children.  RP made a statement at the CCSO.

• RP stated Clarissa Honn had stayed at Owl Haven Motel Stockton and left and didn’t pay bill.  Officer contacted subject and she was given a citation.

• RP reported subject with multiple warrants wandering around on Sac St Stockton.  Officer responded but subject gone.

• Claim made that mom did not pick up child from school.  HBO

• ADT reported alarm o E Hwy N Stockton.  HBD

• Received a 911 call from Eldo.  Suicidal subject.  Called Barton County as subject lives in Lamar.

• Received welfare check request on E Hwy N Humansville.  Sister not heard from for over a week.  Contact made and will contact RP.  HBO

• Officer reported he would be out doing a welfare check on W Poplar Eldo.  Negative contact.

• Traffic stop by Ewing Concrete Stockton.  Warning

Ambulance calls: 2 Stockton; 3 Eldo

Fire calls: none


• RP stated a deer laying in the road and is alive Hwy U by Alder Bridge.  Conservation advised and when they arrived deer had expired.  HBO

• Traffic stop by Woods Stockton.  Citation issued to Carlina Simmons for failure to register.

• Officer reported abandoned vehicle on Hwy 32 and 245 Stockton.  No plates on vehicle.  Truck tagged for tow.

• Cattle out  1225 Rd Stockton.  Not located by officer.

• RP received threatening email.  Forwarded to CCSO.

• CCSO that subject with warrants is in the area.  Unable to make contact.  HBO

• Officer out on civil service on S Sac Stockton.

• MVA reported on Hwy M Stockton.  Non injury.  One lane bridge.  MSHP notified

Ambulance calls: 6 Stockton; 7 Eldo

Fire calls: none


• RP stated female at residence and has been asked to leave on Hwy J Stockton.  Refuses to leave.  Contact made later by officer and was told to stay away from that residence.

• Traffic stop by Simmons Bank Stockton.  Citation issued to Justin Burns driving while suspended.

• Welfare check requested on Blake Stockton.  Subject stated he was going to Washington and shoot people.  Officers made contact and he denied saying that.  HBO

• RP claims people digging in her yard with a backhoe on Hwy N Stockton.  This is a civil matter.

• Civil matter on S Hwy 39 Stockton.  HBO

• RP advised young child alone playing in street on Chestnut Stockton.  Officer contacted guardian.

• Officer out o civil process at Hickory Hts Apartments Stockton.

• Officer out on civil process on S Summer Stockton.    Subject no longer lives there.

• Officer out on civil process on St James Stockton.  Papers served.

• Officer out on civil process o S 1st St Stockton.  Served household member.

• Officer out on civil process on S Hwy 32 Stockton.

• Atronic Alarm reported alarm on S 235 Rd Stockton.  Cancelled.

Ambulance calls: 1 Stockton; 3 Eldo

Fire calls: none


• Suspicious vehicle reported on Hwy BB east of Vernon County line.   RP stopped to see if they needed help and subject acted odd so he left.  Then the subject chased him.   Asked for officer to check him out.  Subject from Pennsylvania.  Vehicle has been moved and subject spoken to.

• Welfare check requested on S 39 Stockton.  Believes subject with ex parte in on premises.  Officer told subject has not been there.

• RP stated being chased by subject with an ex parte Hwy 39 Stockton.  Officer contacted subject and he denied it.  HBO

• SimpliSafe reported alarm on E Oak St Stockton.  Alarm is faulty.  Code 4

• C&I driver on E 1666 Rd Stockton.  Subject is speeding through Lou Acres.  GOA

• ADT Alarms reported alarm o E Hwy N Stockton.  HBD

• Disorderly conduct on E Hwy Z Stockton. Male throwing things and was slapped and then left walking HBO

• Welfare check requested on Golden Jerico.  No contact made.

• SimpliSafe reported alarm on S Cherry Stockton.  Garage door was not secured.  HBO

• Officer out on follow up on E Hwy 32 Stockton.  No report.

• Suspicious vehicle on E Hwy W Eldo.  RP stated a lawn mower has been dragged onto his property and thinks it may be stolen.  Checked the Vin and it has been stolen in St Clair County.  It can be released to owner.  HBO

• RP reported someone drove through his fence on Hwy B and 39 Stockton.  He has the license plate.  Officer contacted owner and he will pay for damages.  HBO

• MVA reported on E Davis Stockton.  Appears to be a hit and run.  Report taken.

• RP trying to repo a vehicle on Hwy 32 west of Stockton.  A Chevy Cobalt was trying to run him off the road.  Vehicle located later behind a dog house.  HBo

Ambulance calls: 1 Stockton; 2 Eldo

Fire calls: grass fire in Olympia; structure fire on Oak Stockton


• MVA on Hwy 32 and 245.  No injuries.  Vehicle blocking road.  Mike’s towed vehicle.  Clear, no report.

• Traffic stop on Hwy 54 5 miles east of Hwy 39.  Warning.

• Female, Stacy Fitzpatrick, assaulted and was arrested at Airport Village Stockton.

• Alarm Co reported alarm at Hammons Products.  Building secure.  HBO

• Domestic reported on Hwy 32 and 97 Eldo.  No charges to be pressed.  HBO

• Received call that an unknown male collapsed at State Park Marina parking lot.   Medics and officers notified.  Male pronounced deceased. Brumback’s contacted.  Report taken.

• Officer reported he would be out with a suspicious vehicle on S Hwy 39 Stockton.  HBO

• Dept Veteran’s Affairs requested welfare check on Blake Stockton.  Subject says he’s going to hurt someone.  CCSO had received similar call few days ago.  Subject denied  saying that.  Subject was offered mental health help and he declined.  HBO

• RP came into CCSO stating someone stole his bicycle on E Hwy 215 Stockton.  HBO

• RP requested officer assistance to make house call on E Hwy N Humansville.  HBO

• MVA reported at Enriques’s Stockton.  No injuries.  Clear, report taken.

• Suspicious vehicle reported on Hwy HH and BB.  GOA

• Traffic stop on  N Hwy 39 and 1250 Rd.  Warning

• RP reported subject violated his ex parte again on E Hwy EE.  HBD

Ambulance calls: 4 Stockton; 4 Eldo

Fire calls: false alarm on E Oak Stockton


• RP reported subject being belligerent and would not leave residence on Locust Stockton.  Subject left.

• MVA reported north of Hwy 32 and CC.  MSHP notified.  No injuries.  Clear, no report.

• Residents on S High Stockton were shooting off fireworks.  HBO

• RP stated his truck broke down on South St.  Dispatch contacted tow truck.  HBO

• RP stated 2 women allowed themselves to be locked into RB Laundramat an refused to leave.  HBO

• RP reported male with ex parte at residence again on E Hwy EE Eldo.  Chipper Owsley arrested.

• Officer out with suspicious male at Crab Tree Cove.

• Female reported missing on Sac St Stockton.  Located female and RP still wants to talk to an officer.  HBO

• MVA reported on S Hwy 39 Stockton.  Single vehicle, injuries reported.   Medics dispatched and subject refused.  Transferred to other agency.

• Traffic stop on Hwy B and 601 Jerico.  Warning.

• Traffic stop on Church and Wells Stockton.  Warning

• Officer out to assist motorist on Hwy 32  at Sac River Bridge Stockton.  None needed.

• Suspicious vehicle on Hwy DD Eldo.  Transferred to other agency.

• Traffic stop on Hwy 39 and 1425 Stockton.  Warning

• Traffic stop by Fiddler’s Green Stockton.  Warrant out of California but will not extradite.  Subject refused consent to search.  Warning

• Trespasser on E Hwy B Sheldon.  GOA

• Tra ffic stop at Woods Stockton.  Warning

• MVA on Hwy B and 725 Stock.  Possible entrapment. Fire, medics and MSHP dispatched.  All clear.

• Traffic stop on Higgins and South Stockton.  Warning

• Vehicle stolen on Hwy HH and 54 Eldo.  Fire in back when located.  Owner to get help getting car home.  Pretty sure they know who took it. HBO

• Traffic stop on Hwy 32 Eldo.  Clear no report.

• Domestic dispute on E Hwy N Stockton.  Male covered in blood.  Parties separated.  HBO

• Received call of a female walking eastbound on 150 Eldo.    Unfounded.

• Disturbance reported on Blake at the Apartments.  Music too loud.  HBO

• Traffic stop at Woods Stockton.  Warning

• Domestic disturbance on E Hwy EE Eldo.  Ongoing problems with this RP and subject.  Clear, report taken.

Ambulance calls: 4 Stockton; 3 Eldo

Fire calls: false alarm

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