• Suspicious vehicle at Dollar General Stockton.  While closing store vehicle parked at front door then left and went to Casey’s.  HBO

• C&I driver on Hwy 32 from Fair Play to Stockton.  Not maintaining lanes.  GOA

• RP came into CCSO to file complaint.  Subject elbowed her in stomach at the park on Friday and then ran away.  Couldn’t identify.

• Theft reported at AA Storage Stockton.  Catalytic converter taken off the RV.  No report

• Officer out on follow up on Belisle and Hayden Eldo.

• ESPD requested agency assistance at Pete’s Eldo.

• Officer out on Jackson Eldo regarding a stolen gun report.  No report

• Officer out with ATV’s in Eldo that have been traveling at high rates of speed.  Officer advised subjects.

• Suspicious vehicle on 350 and 651 Rd Eldo. Traffic stops:

• At Allison’s Eldo.  Warning

• At Industrial Pkwy Eldo.  Warning

• At Woods Eldo.  Gary Greathouse arrested, Joplin PD released roadside.  Citation issued

• At Woods Stockton.  Warning

• On Hwy 54 west of DD Eldo.  Warning

Ambulance calls: 3 Stockton

Fire calls: none


• Disturbance on Hwy 97 by Harwood Jerico.  HBO

• Disturbance on 1425 Rd Stockton.  Threat made by male subject to kill himself.  Subject located and was taken to CMH for a 96 hour hold.  Subject refused when he got there.  Elder abuse hotline contacted. No report

• Disorderly conduct on West St Stockton.  Citation issued to Brennan Murphy.

• Trespassers on 1547 Rd Stockton.  Subjects have left the property.

• Federal Protection reported alarm at Woods Stockton.   HBD

• Cow out in road on Hwy 97 and E Eldo.  HBO

• Property damage reported at Stockton Park.  HBO

• Disturbance on Chestnut St Stockton. Property dispute.  HBO

Traffic stops:

• On Walnut St Stockton.  Warning

Ambulance calls: 3 Stockton; 1 Eldo

Fire calls: none


• Received call stating someone had stolen his checks last year and written them.  Now they’re being written again.  HBO

• Neighbor’s pigs are digging holes in RPs yard on Hwy Z Stockton.  HBO

• Netflix movie stolen out of mail box on Hwy K Stockton.  RP will need a report for Netflix.  Report taken,

• Officer out on civil process on Locust Stockton.

• Two dogs being aggressive to RP and his dogs on Hwy M Stockton.  HBO

• MVA on Hwy 54 west of Eldo.  Transferred to other agency.

• Received call of a suspicious male in yard on 1658 Rd Stockton and wants him to leave.  Unfounded.

• ESPD advised cattle out in road on Hwy EE and 50 Rd Eldo.  HBO

Traffic stops:

• On Hwy AA and 850 Stockton.  Citation issued to Isaac Martino.

• At Woods Stockton.  Warning

• On Bryant and James Stockton.  Warning

Ambulance calls: 5 Stockton; 3 Eldo

Fire calls: structure fire on 1320 Rd Eldo; Lawn mower on fire on 1570 Rd Jerico


• C&I driver failing to maintain lanes on Hwy 82 and H Eldo.  Transferred to other agency.

• Officer noticed door open on Locust & Worley Stockton.  No report

• Officer out on building check on Hwy Z and 925 Rd Stockton.  No report

• Received transfer from Vernon County.  Assault reported on Sac Stockton.  No report

• Alarm Company reported alarm at Casey’s Stockton.  HBO

• Officer out on civil process on 1125 Rd Stockton.

• Subject told to leave Lil Bits Flea Market Stockton and not come back.    No report

• Alarm reported on E 1050 Rd Stockton.  Officer investigated and all is Code 4.

Traffic stops:

• Hwy 32 and 2025 Rd Stockton.  Warning

• James and South St Stockton.  Warning

• At Sonic Stockton.  Warning

• On Hwy 32 and U Eldo.  Warning

• On South and Englewood Stockton.  Larry Brown arrested

• On James and South Stockton.  Warning

• On Blake and Hoff Stockton.  Warning

• By Stockton School.  Warning

• On McCrary Cir and Jackson Eldo.  No action taken.

• On South and Elm Stockton.  Warning

• By Hot Spot Stockton.  Warning

• On Hwy 32 and M Stockton.  Warning

• On Hwy B and 975 Stockton.  Warning

• At Sac River Lumber Stockton.  Warning

• On Hwy 97 and Hudson Jerico.  Warning

Ambulance calls: 1 Stockton; 6 Eldo

Fire calls: none


• Welfare check on an alarm reported on Blake Stockton.  Subject accidentally hit the button.  HBO

• Road hazard on Hwy 32 west of Bear Creek.  2 dead deer in road.  Transferred to other agency.

• Suspicious person on Hwy 39 Stockton.  Subject at neighbors and she has a ex parte against him.  HBO

• Vehicle is being repossessed on Hwy 32.  Owner is cooperating. HBD

• RP requested officer come out on 1100 Rd Stockton.  Subject is seeing things and they think the officer might make him feel more at ease.

• RP stated he’d been assaulted on E 1656 Rd Stockton. HBO

• RP reported car parked illegally in a handicapped parking space at Parkview Apts Stockton

• RP stated someone had pried the screen on her windows at Parkview Apts Stockton sometime last night or today.  HBO

• RP reported 4 people in his house he doesn’t want there on E 1100 Rd Stockton.  Spoke to wife and RP has dementia.  Unfounded

• RP stated an older male was assaulted by a younger male at Woods Eldo.  Officer to go to Jerico to check on subject.  No visible injuries.

• Theft reported on Chestnut Stockton.  New cell phone and a check taken out of RPs vehicle.  Report taken  vehicle tagged for tow.

• Dogs running around on Jordan and Harwick Jerico chasing people.  RP told the owners.  Officer advised there will be a summons issued if this continues.

• Alarm reported on S 1801 Rd Stockton.  Accidentally pushed.  HBO

• RP reported MVA on Hwy 32 and Crabtree.  Car in ditch.  Driver not hurt but seems confused.  GOA

• Black cows out on Hwy K north of Hwy 32.  GOA

Ambulance calls: 1 Stockton

Fire calls: none


• RP stated that there is a toxic smoke around his house on 325 Rd Stockton.  The fire is out but the wind is carrying the smoke.

• False alarm at Hammons Products Stockton.  HBO

• NPD requested we go get driver and insurance info on S 125 Rd Eldo.  HBO

• Suspicious person reported walking on West St Stockton.  Appears to be intoxicated.  HBO

• Medics going on a call were stopped at the Stockton square.  Subject claimed he was going to kill himself.  Medic transported to CMH.  HBO

Ambulance calls: 3 Stockton; 2 Eldo

Fire calls: none


• C&I driver on Hwy 32 west of Fair Play.  Driver all over the road.   GOA

• Theft reported on 1300 Rd Stockton.  Locks broken on garage and shed.  Report taken.

• RP states someone wrote in dirt on her car and wrote in the dust in the house.  Doors were shut when they left and upon return, they were open on Terrace Ln Stockton.  No report.

• Assault reported on 1300 Rd Stockton.  Husband and wife.  Joseph Bolek arrested.

• Officer out on warrant service on 1658 Rd Stockton.

• Welfare check requested on Hwy J Stockton.  Family out of town and someone keeps knocking on windows and doors

Traffic stops:

• At Allison’s and Hwy 54 Eldo.  Warning

• On east side of Stockton square.  Citation issued to Aaron Swift.  Consented to search.

• At Post Office Stockton.  Calvin Laub arrested for failure to register.

Ambulance calls: 2 Stockton; 2 Eldo

Fire calls: structure fire in Fair Play as well as a vehicle.

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