The following misdemeanors have been disposed in Cedar County.

Joseph Hughes, poss of drug paraph, $175.50.

Jarret Major, trespass 1st degree, $151.

Tommy Mansell, dog at large, $76.

Omaha Miller, speed 38/25, $96.

Carl Norman, fts stop sign, $75.50.

Joshua O’Connell, no operator’s license, $76.

Joshua Carter, trespass 1st degree, $125.50.

Zenin George, trespass on school prop, $101.

Shaeffer, Johnson, fts stop sign, fts proof insurance, $261.50.

William Soban, fail to register vehicle, fts proof insurance, $251.

Chadd Ellison, stealing x2, $251.

Stephanie Fish, fta per court subpoena, fta per court order, $101.

Bret Leaver, fta per court order, $25.

William Soban, fta per court order, driving while revoked, $501.

Shelby Wilson, stealing, $125.50.

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