• RP reported that a driver swerved and hit bridge at Stockton park.  Driver possibly intoxicated.  Tow truck removed vehicle.  Arrest made.

• RP reported a C&I driver on the dam road.  Officer stopped suspect on Hwy 32 and J.  Citation given for careless driving.

• A goat was reported running around on Hwy 32 Eldo.  HBD

• White horse on 900 Rd west of Hwy J Stockton.  Owner is retrieving animal.  No report

Traffic stops:

• By Evans Drugs.  Civil served

Ambulance calls: 2 Stockton; 1 Eldo

Fire calls: grass fire on 1275 Rd;  structure fire near school (false alarm)


• RP stated subject beating on her door threatening to kill her on Hwy U Eldo. Both parties possibly intoxicated.  HBO

• Suspicious vehicle reported on Hwy 82 and 02 Eldo.  Vehicle has 2 blown front tires.  GOA

• Officer from Bonner Springs Ks advised CCSO that a vehicle involved in a hit and run had a Stockton address.  County officer went to residence and the vehicle was not there.  KS officer requested updates on vehicle on 975 Rd Eldo.

• Received a report of a deer either in the fence or on the road at Hwy 32 north of CC.  Officer drove all around and was unable to locate animal.

• RP reported a suspicious vehicle at the Crab Tree Cliff area.  They were flashing lights and driving around slowly.  Requested deputy check it out.  GOA

Traffic stops:

• By Stockton Sonic.  Warning for equipment.

• On North and Craig Stockton.  Warning for registration.

• South of Hwy B on Beckly Jerico.  Warning for license.  Plates were confiscated.  Subject consented to search.  Nothing found.

Ambulance calls: 3 Stockton; 4 Eldo

Fire calls: none


• Received call of a domestic argument in Stockton.  Parties were separated.  HBO

• Officer to pick up prisoner at Polk/Cedar Line to transfer to CCSO.

• Officer responded to an investigation on Hwy 97 Jerico.

• Officer transporting prisoner to CMH Bolivar.

• RP reported truck parked at Alder Creek Bridge full of trash.  They’ve been having trouble with people dumping trash there.  HBO

• ESPD called and reported that a resident on Hickory Eldo stated someone broke into his home while he was in hospital.  They even tried taking the wheels off the vehicle.  HBO

Traffic stops:

• Church and East St Stockton.  Warning

• Walnut and North Stockton.  Warning

• West St across from Dollar General Stockton.  Consent to search denied. Warning for equipment.

• Trailer park on Fields Eldo.  Both subjects on P&P.  One has active warrant out of Poplar Bluff but they won’t extradite.  Warning, tail light out.

Ambulance calls: 1 Stockton; 3 Eldo

Fire calls: grass fire Hwy B Jerico


• RP stated her daughter’s vehicle is parked at Woods Stockton with no plates.  HBD

• RP reported a burglary on Hwy Z Stockton.  No report

• RP reported her home had been burglarized.  Actually nothing was stolen, screen pushed in and a window had been opened.  HBD

• MVA Hwy C Jerico.  MSHP notified.   No injuries.  Vehicle secured and tagged.  HBO

• Burglary reported on Crestview Stockton.  HBO

• RP witnessed male subject leave Dollar General Stockton and went around the corner and stole a wallet out of truck.  Then he went into O’Reilly’s and then got in vehicle and left.  Attempted to stop on South and Elm Stockton.  Chad Kearsey arrested and vehicle towed.  Victim does not want to press charges.  HBO

• Suspicious vehicle reported on Spur N Caplinger.  Subject was just using phone.  HBO

• Welfare check requested on S 1487 Stockton.  Physical therapist concerned as subject is bed bound.  Code 4 and contacted RP.  HBD

• Local restaurant reported by RP.  Door was open and it appeared closed.  They called 911.  Contacted owner and they would be right over.  HBO

• Property damage reported at Owl Haven Motel.   Tail lights were busted out and something was poured down the side of the vehicle.   Does not appear to be vandalism.  HBO

• Midwest Surplus Eldo reported receiving bad checks.  Have video footage of transaction.  Bank could not locate the account.  Unable to find these subjects in MULES.  Report taken.

Traffic stops:

• Elks Lodge Stockton.  Jared Massey arrested for active Cedar County warrant.

• By Enriques Stockton.  Warning for equipment.

• Across from Stockton Post office.  Warning for no plates.

• Patricia and Ohio.  No action.

Ambulance calls: 2 Stockton; 3 Eldo

Fire calls: none


• 2020 has been a year to remember with the Covid-19, the elections, riots etc.   But the one thing that happened that puts a smile on our faces and in our hearts is that little gray haired man in a red suit was sighted over Stockton.  We sure were glad to see him.

• RP reported furnace had been stolen out of his double wide trailer on Hwy AA.  Didn’t notice anything else gone.    Report taken.

• Alarm at E Hwy N Caplinger.  HBO

• Peeping toms have been reported on N High, Ward, Terrace Ln, and Crestview.  Extra patrol needed in that area.

Ambulance calls: 1 Stockton; 2 Eldo

Fire calls: vehicle fire 1325 Rd Stockton; structure fire on 2165 Rd Stockton


• Merry Christmas to all of our Cedar County families.

• MVA on Hwy 32 west of Stockton.  Truck in ditch.  No injuries.  Truck has been towed. No report

• Welfare check requested on 1345 Rd.  Son hasn’t heard from his mother for several days and she does have heart trouble and just went through a family tragedy.  Subject was found on the floor and had been there a few days.  Subject appears to be fine.  HBO

• RP stated her mom just got out of hospital on Sac Stockton.  RP has been taking care of her and mom locked her out.  She believes she may need some help.  RP to come to CCSO to fill out paperwork for a 96 hour hold.  HBO

• Humansville PD arrested Krista Jarvis on a Cedar County warrant.  Officer met them on County line.

Ambulance calls: 2 Stockton; 1 Eldo

Fire calls: fire alarm went off on Hwy J.  call cancelled.


• RP reported he was in a MVA and his car is totaled on Hwy N.  Call transferred to MSHP.

• RP stated she came across a MVA on Hwy 97 and 1524.  Driver may be intoxicated.  HBO

Traffic stops:

• On Hwy 32 and 1300.  Consent to search denied. Citation issued for failure to register.

• Hwy 32 by lumber yard Stockton.  Denied consent to search.  Citation for failure to register to Chad Hill.

Ambulance calls: 4 Stockton; 2 Eldo

Fire calls: grass fire on 2001 and 620; grass fire out of control on 1524 Stockton.