Oct 25

City of El Dorado Springs vs:

Crystal Bushnell, endangering welfare child, $225.50

Thomas Jewell, no license plates, no operatoar  license, $151

Heather Kershner, assault, $125.50

Wendi Kite, no operator license, fail to show proof ins, child restraint required. $251.50

Harley Perry, poss marijuana, poss drug paraphernalia, $351

Veronica Roberts, no operator license, $75.50

Jesse Ruston, poss drug paraphernalia, $175.50

Levi Sieleman, disturbance of the peace, $125.50

Nickie Starbuck, dog at large, $50.50

Leah Taylor, expired operator lic, $50.50

Terry Usher, shoplifting, $125.50

Ashely William, license plates required, $75.50

Geraldiner Aguilar. dog at large, $50.40

Ernie Brower, tall grass 2nd offence 4 21 S Main, $100.50

Robert Gainey, no license plates, $75.50

Steven Myers, speeding 42/25, $67.50

Donald Peters, nuisance junk 610 N Main, nuisance junk 700 N Main, $101

Jason Reynolds, expired license plates, $50.50

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