June 5, domestic dispute at E. KK Hwy., Deerfield.

June 5, fraud at Osage St., Metz.

June 6, durglary at E. Oldtown Rd., Deerfield.

June 6, domestic dispute at S. 3rd St., Sheldon.

June 7, theft at S. 1100 Rd., Nevada.

June 6, tampering with motor vehicle at E. Panama Rd., Nevada.

June 6, trespassing at S. Main St., Richards.

June 10, careless and imprudent driving at E. 54 Hwy., Nevada.

June 10, vehicle fire at E. Rebel Rd., Deerfield.

June 11, theft at S. 1625 Rd., Nevada.

June 12, assault at S. 2400 Rd., Walker.

June 12, domestic dispute at S. Birdseye St., Milo.

June 13, domestic dispute at S. 1596 Rd., Nevada.

June 13, domestic dispute at N. 1st. St., Sheldon.

June 13, vandalism at S. 1200 Rd., Nevada.

June 14, suspicious activity at S. 1200 Rd., Nevada.

June 14, domestic dispute at E. Sycamore St., Nevada.

June 14, property damage at S. T Hwy., Deerfield.

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