July 18, vandalism at S. 2200, Nevada.
July 19, theft at E. S. St., Stotesbury.
July 19, theft at S. 1600 Rd., Nevada.
July 19, domestic dispute at E. Walkaway, Sheldon.
July 20, stolen Motor Vehicle at N. Hooser St., Moundville.
July 20, vehicle fire at H. Hwy., Heerfield.
July 20, domestic assault at E. Mission Rd., Nevada.
July 20, burglary at E. Nutrition, Nevada.
July 22, theft at E. South St., Stotesbury.
July 22, abandoned vehicle at 49 Hwy., Nevada.
July 24, theft at S. T Hwy., Heerfield.
July 24, threats at S. 1425 Rd., Nevada.
July 24, domestic dispute at E. Walking Rain, Sheldon.
July 25, vandalism at S. 1354 Pass, Nevada.
July 25, domestic dispute at E. Stockade Rd., Moundville.
July 27, harassment at E. Panama, Nevada.
July 27, theft at E. Panama, Nevada.
July 28, theft from E. Stockstill Rd., Nevada.
July 28, wanted subject at E. Hickory, Nevada.
July 28, motor vehicle accident on S. BB Hwy., Nevada.
July 30, MVA and arrested the driver.
July 31, threats at NW Co. Rd. Warrensburg.
July 31, vandalism at E. Zodiac Rd., Sheldon.
July 31, vandalism at E. Nelson, Nevada.

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