I got an indication Tuesday evening of just how close all this unrest has come to home. A pleasant young man was adding up my few items at the grocery store. I hadn’t seen him before so I asked if he was going to play in the midnight scrimmage Saturday a.m. He told me he was in college so I asked where.

He said he had spent two or three years at Mizzou but he was transferring to another school. Then we got around to why – there is so much tension on campus he and probably others are afraid to say anything in class because it might hurt someone’s feelings.

I told him he looked big enough to handle it. He said his fear was for his wife and family. Now folks, somebody in administration at Mizzou needs to take control. When I was there, nothing like that was going on. I didn’t know much about the administration, but I had a healthy fear of them just like I did in High School.

– The second two hampsters Davis gave his momma seemed to get as big as a house in no time. We know nothing about taking care of them so we suspected nothing.

Last Wednesday morning, CW Spohn, who has had hampsters over the years, noticed that one of them gave birth as it was walking in the cage. Later in the day, I saw another naked pink baby in the bedding. By the next day, they had both disappeared. One of the hampsters seemed a little smaller. The other was huge.

Then, just before the weekend, the huge one got a lot smaller after she had eight babies.

Kimball thought she had to put her hand in the cage for some reason. One of the hampsters took that opportunity to really chop down on Kimball’s hand bringing the blood.

Davis took the exercise wheel out of the cage. It distracted the momma from her responsibilities.

When one of the eight babies wiggled away from the group, Davis said, “Don’t touch it. Use a spoon to move it.” So, Kimball did, a long handled spoon,

Mary saw a frantic search going on one day. One of the babies had gotten lost in the bedding. Don’t know how those no-count critters knew, but they missed it and were tossing bedding plumb onto the table until they found it.

At first, the momma hovered the entire litter so they could nurse. Guess they are growing. As she hovers there are pink feet and tails sticking out everywhere.

We were kinda afraid that the second female would hurt the babies. But it seems she is the honorary babysitter. Maybe since she had hers so close to their delivery, she may be letting them nurse.

I have no idea and my fingers will do their walking somewhere else.

I’ll spend my time worrying about our pup that went to Cancun to a wedding with her husband. Then she and Cain went on to Costa Rica. She emailed back today that they are on the Pacific side, away from Tropical Storm Earl.

I remember when Adrian and Davis were tiny, we thought we had a lot of concerns. As she and Davis grew, so did the things to worry about.

But you all know all about that, don’t you? KL