Please call the transportation office with any new enrollments or changes to your current bus stop needs. You can reach us at 876-3339 or 876-3112 ext. 250.

Please allow at least one week for any route or stop changes.

Route #1 – Driver Jennifer Samborski 

Route will travel south on HH from Hwy. 54, entering Virgil City around 6:45 a.m., then covering the southern roads near Virgil City of: Talley Bend, 3125, 1000 and 101. Then north of Virgil area on 151 Rd., Making stops along 800, and 700, then 500 to 201 Rd. and southwest town roads of Carman, A, Jackson, and Hayden and Freeman Streets.

Route #2 – Driver Dorothy Francis

Route will cover the area south and west of Montevallo then area north and west coming back to E Hwy. Route will then travel E Hwy. back to Montevallo and cover area north and west to 2825 Rd., north to HH Hwy. to Virgil City area and then to school.

Route #3 – Driver Betty Wilson

Route will travel 54 Hwy. to AA making stops along north and south of 54 Hwy. to AA Hwy. going north on AA making pickups on the west and east sides of AA. Will travel to EE and go east into town making pickups on west Spring Street and to school.

Route #4 – Driver Brandi Bradley

Bus will make first pickup on 325 road, back to 32 Hwy. covering Filley area. Route will then travel rural roads between 32 Hwy. and U Hwy. coming out at Sale Barn. Route will then go 32 Hwy. to Carman Road and pickup the area on the south west side of town including the Christian Daycare.

Route #5/ Early Childhood- Driver Joe Hughes/ Monitor Claudia Bishop

This route will be determined by list from the Early Childhood Department.

Also will travel requested areas for Sped and W/C Lift accessibility.

Route #6 – Driver Jodie Stacy

Route will travel south on 97 picking up area south of E Hwy. then back to CC Hwy. and to Pace Town area. Route will then travel 32 Hwy. making stops along the way to Hacienda Estates and back to 32 Hwy. and to school.

Route #7 – Driver Kat Meola

Route will cover both sides of U Hwy. and stops on K Hwy. Route will come back to 501 road going north to town. Route will cross 54 Hwy. going north and pick up on the north east side of town coming back to Park Street on Joe Davis and to school.

Route #8 – Driver Charles Ross

Route will cover south of Cedar Springs on 39 Hwy. to Blackjack and back on 54 Hwy.

Route will cover afternoon stops of Jackson and Fields-Marshall when route 14 has capacity overages.

Route #9 – Driver Natalie Roberts

Route goes west on Hwy. 54 to Trailer Park and back east on 54 turning south on 2850 Rd. Route will cover area south of 54 Hwy. and west of HH Hwy. At 500 Rd. bus will travel east to 101 Rd., north on 101 Rd. to 54 Hwy. and to school.

Route 10 – Driver Megan Melech

Route travels east on 54 Hwy. to SE 601 Rd., will then cover area north of 54 Hwy. and travel to DD Hwy. going north to 50 Rd. Will go left on 50 road to 701 Rd. and travel back to 54 Hwy., travel west making pickups on the north side of 54 Hwy. then south on 501 Rd. to the T will make pickup east and come back west picking up on Airport Road making stops south of Airport Road also and to school.

Route 11 – Driver Vicki Molz

Route will travel area east and west of H Hwy. including O Hwy. Route will then come back to 82 Hwy. turning east to 275 Rd. Route will then travel 275 Rd. south to first street going south in town. Route will cover the north end of town and to school.

Route #12 – Driver Randy Bland AM & George Hamrick PM

Route will travel 82 Hwy.and cover area north of Tiffin including VV Hwy. Route will take 82 Hwy. to St. Clair 525 and travel south to 600 Rd. west back to DD Hwy. Route will take DD Hwy. to 800 Rd. west to Cedar County 601 Rd. going south to Lake Hill road and to town. Route will make pickup on north east side of Park Street to Thompson and to school.

Route #13 – Driver Scott Roe

Route will pick up on 54 Hwy. to just east of sulfur springs, and Militia Road, back to town covering the northwest side of town, running First Street and High Street.

Route #14 – Driver Shelyna Hughes

Route will travel 82 Hwy. to Foust Corner. West at Foust Corner and back to 82 Hwy., at 82 Hwy. route will travel south to Hainline Street. Route will go west on Hainline to Jackson, south on Jackson to Fields and to school.

Vo-Tech Route – Lee Cox


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