I had a new experience last night at the JV football game against Ash Grove. I wasn’t crowding the three-foot mark on the sideline when a play kept coming toward me. I appreciated the closer look and kept my eye glued to the viewfinder and finger pressing the trigger button. Too late I realized the Bulldog tackler was not going to get the Pirate to the ground before they hit me.

Instantly there were Bulldog players all around me helping me back to my feet. I and my camera and lens were unscathed. One of the JV coaches had the right question: Is your camera alright? He grinned when I told him it was.

Burris Rader and his wife saw me after the game. She lamented that she did not get it on film. Me, too.

The next time a play came to the sideline, I bailed out early and so did Ron Marsh who was shooting nearby.

I really enjoyed the game. When they fumbled early and Ash Grove ran it in for a TD, I thought it would be a long night. When the young Dawgs lined up to go for it on 4th down, I wasn’t optimistic. When they were successful, I got to expecting it when they went for it several more times. They never had a turnover on downs, as far as I recall.

Dakota Long, my late cousin’s grandson, spent a lot of quality time in the Ash Grove backfield. He even chased their QB into the north endzone once for a safety.

The kickoffs by Freshman CJ Sipes were awesome. I don’t think Ash Grove was able to stop one without dropping it. I told Coach Scroggins it looked like he had found a kickoff man. He didn’t disagree. When I got Coach Jansen’s report, he thought the same thing.

Their next, and only, home game will be against Pierce City at 5:30 p.m. Monday, Oct.10. I plan to be there to see the impressive young talent on display. Yes, I’ll give them a wide berth on the sidelines.

– Friday I had one of my rare bright ideas for a holiday. I had seen that there was a chicken stampede in Stockton on Saturday and suggested that we go down to get BBQ chicken then go on to the lake to eat. Kimball liked the idea. I invited Davis and he decided to go, too.

It was really pleasant sitting under a shelter house at a picnic table looking at the lake. The wind was fairly brisk and just a tad cool but we enjoyed it. Davis went on to the rock quarry to let Caddee swim with other dogs. Her first time swimming. Nearly scared her to death, he said.

-Did you feel the earthquake Saturday morning about 7 a.m.? Brad was walking across their living room and felt the house shake. Mary was on the sofa and didn’t feel it but later saw dust had settled from their high ceilings. Gwen said she felt it. We didn’t. Davis didn’t. KL

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