I need your full attention for a minute. We changed our email address a year or so ago. If you send something to our old address for the newspaper we will never know it. We’ve had that happen several times in the past couple of weeks… that we know of.

I have put the new address in the paper several times in the past year. I have contacted everyone I can think of to tell them. I still get emails to my old address every day. I know because I can still see it. We can’t see the old address for the newspaper.

Are you ready? Here’s the good address for the newspaper: sunpub@centurylink.net  If you attach photos, just send one per email or you will bog down the system.

Here’s the good address for me: kwlong@centurylink.net

The good address for Kimball is: sunpub@centurylink.net

Notice that I didn’t put a period at the end of the sentences which had the addresses. I didn’t want to confuse anyone.

Here’s another tip for sending any email or other communication: Ask the recipient to confirm receipt. If you don’t hear back, that’s a dead giveaway that they didn’t get it.

– I kept getting contacts from a medical provider wanting me to go through a long program on-line. I didn’t do it. Tuesday, I got a computer call trying to get me to do it to “learn about the procedure I was going to have.” I didn’t know I was going to have a procedure so that call didn’t last long. Finally, I called someone who could check on it for me. I told that person to tell them I was going to have my baby at home.

– I must look friendlier as I mature. The minute I walked up to the in-progress softball game Tuesday evening, the first base umpire came over and started talking to me. In spite of the camera strapped to my neck, he wanted to know what I was doing. I told him I was there to help him make calls. Same thing I told one of the volleball officials at a game recently when he told me I looked comfortable on the front row.

Didn’t bother either of them. This one asked about Jarrod Mays. His grandson had played with Garrett. He asked about Rusty Norval. He had worked with him.

He said he had lost his wife to cancer after 47 years of marriage, It would have been 50 years shortly.

We kept a lively conversation going the entire game.

Nice guy. He called a runner out at second. Then when he got back to first, he told me he might not have been right, but that’s how he saw it. Later he and the home plate ump awarded a run to Weaubleau on appeal because they thought the runner likely crossed the plate before he called the stealing runner for the third out.

Didn’t catch his name, but I hope I run into him again. KL