Picnic comin’.

There’s a big ol’ Carnival semi and trailer parked on the north side of our building.

Monday morning, Rhonda Friar was guiding a tour of two of her grandkids to find dragons the little grandson had seen. He could tell you how many were blue, green, red – the usual dragon colors.

Adrian will fly into KCI Thursday, rent a car and drive down so we don’t have to get up so early Sunday to get her to the airport. She spoke on the phone with Kimball and me Monday as she was driving back to Baton Rouge from Lake Bruin in NE Louisiana where they went to escape the hurricane.

Only problem was the hurricane plays by its own rules. The weather was dry when they left their home, but it rained on them as they got closer to what was supposed to be their sanctuary. I think it was still raining on them as they headed back south Monday. That afternoon, the sun was shining when they got home.

– My class (of 1964) will hold our 55th class reunion this Saturday night at the Chamber of Commerce office. I don’t remember much of anything special about graduation, but I have a ton of memories of high school and even grade school.

I called Sharon Toliver Henderson Monday to discuss the get together. I asked her how she was doing and she said that what doesn’t hurt, doesn’t work. I told her I know a lot more about the doesn’t work than I do about the hurt.

I told her I may go to the doctor to be tested for tick fever because that is what he diagnosed for two younger friends of mine who are having problems with balance. Sharon, never at a loss for words, said maybe I should prefer just getting old. We were I told her I think I would prefer tick fever because I can take a pill for that.

– With the proliferation of digital cameras, everybody is a photographer so we had about quit taking class photos. Well, one class realized that we have something little digital cameras don’t – professional quality lighting and photo editing. So, they asked us to shoot their photo at a set fee and I’ll make all the photo edits (open eyes, turn heads, etc.) and send a digital copy to each class member.

– If you want to meet our youngest grandchild, Reese, she is at the office every day because her mom and dad work here.

Adrian met her at Easter. Then in a couple of months, Adrian will introduce us all to Snider Cain.

– I had to think about this one for awhile, then I decided the guy probably had some words of wisdom:

T Harv Eker said, “Rich people constantly learn and grow. Poor people think they already know.” KL