I have a new favorite commercial fish (if you don’t count walleye and crappie). We went to the fish fry fundraiser Friday evening in Fair Haven Park for the Stoney Creek and Walnut Creek Schools.  You know I’ve caught a few thousand bass and crappie so I  thought it was some kind of mistake when I saw the sign that said, “Swai Fish”. I liked it better than catfish.

The Internet refers to Swai Fish as Vietnamese catfish, but the FDA won’t let them be called catfish.  Their meat is white and flaky. They are sometimes called a fresh water shark and can grow up to 100 lbs. They respond well to pond raising and are harvested long before they get that big.

– I have a new favorite play – a Pick Six – as long as one of the Bulldogs does it.

I was watching the Bulldogs on defense, which is usually not a great photo op. Then Gavin Morgan stepped in front of a Cole Camp pass and immediately kicked in the after burners.

Kimball didn’t think Pick Six was a good name for the play even after I explained that a defender picks off an opponent’s pass and carries the ball to the end zone for six points.

That was one exciting football game.  As I was leaving the game, I met Coach Beckner heading for his interview and told him, “Good job.”

I listened to him on the radio. I just watch a game without analyzing anything. I was impressed by how much strategy the coach and his assistants put into it. Sounds a lot like chess but with a lot more physical contact.

-I had to watch Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs when we got home from church. I wasn’t disappointed. I didn’t expect much from the Saints with Drew Brees out recovering from thumb surgery. Surprise. I expected the Chiefs to win but it wasn’t a slam dunk.

– I was holding my six-month-old granddaughter a good part of the game until Kimball and Erica got dinner on the table. I didn’t realize that babysitting is a contact sport. Reese did not want to face the TV. She wanted to face me. If she had sat still, she would have been on my right leg in my easy chair. But what she wanted to do (and did) was jump. I didn’t keep count, but I’d guess she did 400 – 600 knee bends, maybe more.

I wasn’t helping her. I just had to hold on with both hands to make sure she didn’t fall off my lap. Finally she wore down and took a brief nap then went right back to being a jumping jack. Finally she got tired and went to sleep.

Then she had a new experience – they put her in a high chair for the first time. Kimmie (who I call Grandma) fed her pears out of a baby food jar. She liked that. When she finished that jar, they tried creamed chicken. Definitely not a favorite. They replaced that with apples and bananas or something that went down well.

After lunch Reese went sound asleep in her daddy’s lap facing the TV.  No explaining what a baby wants.     KL