I left out one coach that Kimball interviews every Wednesday, Ashley Rogers, the VolleyDog coach. Kimball has Davis put the interviews on Spring City TV Thursday morning. Her goal is to have them posted by 10 a.m. If they aren’t on time, please keep checking.

I decided not to make the drive to Skyline. I listened on the radio and wrote down the score on a notepad – 41-24 Skyline.

Coach Beckner was good enough to send me a report on the game Monday morning. I am amazed at his diplomacy, optimism and analysis, as usual. It’s in this issue. I recommend that you read it and listen to him and Coach Rogers on Spring City TV.

Friday night is Senior Night at home against Adrian, always a tough opponent. Honored Seniors will include football, cross country, band and cheerleaders. I know they’d appreciate a big crowd.

-I’ve been trying to estimate the speed of the guy who hit Kimball. Can any of you give me some help? When I pulled out onto Hwy. 54 at Cedar County Road 601 and started counting, one thousand one, one thousand two…I got to one thousand 11 when I got to his skid marks where he hit her. Since the other driver could see her from the top of the hill east of 601, which I estimate at a quarter mile, and if she made it a quarter mile before he hit her, all in 11 seconds, how fast do you think was he going?I may be off on my distances so if any of you drive that section of highway, please check the mileage. My figures can’t be right.

Just before 3 p.m. she stopped at Cedar County Road 601, looked both directions, saw no one coming, pulled out and headed west accelerating normally going to interview Tony and Heidi on the closure of the El Dorado Cafe. About the time she got to the top of the hill, she looked in her rear view mirror and saw a black vehicle approaching at a high rate of speed. With her seatbelt on, and accelerating as fast as she could, she braced against the steering wheel with both hands hoping the vehicle would decide to pass her.

Apparently he made a last second attempt to pass her but caught the left back of her car nearly driving the trunk into the back seat. It totaled both vehicles.

The Highway Patrolman who investigated, told Kimball the man said he thought she was stopped in the road. Kimball told the trooper, “At the speed he was going it may have looked like I was stopped.” The trooper asked Kimball if she was on her cell phone or otherwise distracted. No, sir. I wonder if he asked the other driver the same. The accident report Kimball got doesn’t say.

Kimball called Harold Fugate from the wreck site and he had Jill Badderdeen go to the shop and give her a loaner, a new Jeep. KL

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