I had a pleasant conversation with our new superintendent, Heath Oates, on Friday and again Monday morning. I think we are going to like him – young man, young family, tries to help principals grow in his current job as Rich Hill superintendent. Can’t be all bad – he likes to turkey hunt and fish.

– Kimball went with me to the home wrestling match Friday just in case I had camera problems. I didn’t and told her early in the match that she could leave and come back and pick me up. She stayed quite a while longer because she was enjoying it. So was the entire high school student body. It was no surprise that Blayze McCollough won his match. His dad, Kevin, has probably had him in training since he was born. 

We didn’t see any dominant performances like we did from Keilan Jaques last year, but we saw some good matches. 

I got to see the first victory by a female Bulldog wrestler in school history. The only problem is we don’t have enough girls on the team. If we didn’t have an opponent, the Buffalo Bison girl just walked over for a free victory. The Buffalo Girls won 54 to 12 because of that.

– If you’ve been enjoying the warm spell, could we call it an Indian Summer? Be sure you know the location of your winter clothes. And you may need chin straps for your headgear.

– Cadeaux was going around the house Monday morning meowing. He had food and water and his choice of anywhere he wanted to sleep. And he didn’t want outside. He hates the wind in his face. So, I’m guessing he senses a change in the weather.

Maybe he wanted to go downstairs. Kimball lets him go there to “play.” Never thought of that ‘til now.

– Saw Marie Barlow and one of her daughters at lunch last Thursday. We know Debbie and Bobby. I asked if they still have the beauty shop in Nevada. Marie said they do. She said Bobby says he is going to retire when he hits 70.

The daughter asked if I am the one who writes the Rock Wall. Marie explained that one of us does. She said we have the same initials so you can’t tell for sure. That’s probably what kept the daughter from starting a food fight. KL 

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