I hope you and yours had a wonder filled Christmas and New Year’s. We did. The family time was even better than the weather. Even got a note from Adrian Monday thanking us for the good time for her, Cain, Van and Snider.

Everybody got home safely from Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. I told Adrian we were in bed by 10:30. First one doesn’t have a chance. She said they were in bed by 8:30.

Davis is a night owl. I didn’t even ask him.

The community stayed safe over the holidays. We didn’t hear of one bad wreck or any wreck, for that matter.

As of Friday, the El Dorado Springs Volunteer Fire Department had not had any calls in 2020. They had three calls on Sunday. 

– There just seems to be a special bond that forms between grandchildren and their grandma. I’m watching it happen right in front of me and just enjoying it.

I have a couple of photos of me as a baby being held by Grandma Long. I look perfectly content in the photos.

I was told that when I came home from Martha Chambers Emergency Hospital where Dr. C. H. Sunderwirth delivered me on Dec. 14, Dad and Mom didn’t  have any clothes for me. Grandma Long told me that she had bought me a little snowsuit for Christmas and didn’t think it would make me any difference if I got it early. 

– Early one morning just last week, two-year-old Van wanted to call his dad who works nights supervising several foremen and a crew of 100 putting a guardrail on one side of the 26 miles of the Causeway that crosses Lake Pontchartrain So Adrian helped Van make the call. 

As soon as that call was over, Van said, “Kimmie.” That’s the grandma name Kimball picked for herself. Looks like it took.

Adrian didn’t allow Van to make the call, but Kimball told her that next time he asks it would be OK. She gets up really early.

Monday, in my office, I got to see the attraction working locally. Davis was holding nine-month-old Reese in my office. I was at my desk as it was deadline day. I talked to Reese a little and got some smiles.

Then Kimball walked in. Reese took one look at her, made a couple of smiley faces showing the teeth she is cutting, then bent over at the waist and held up her arms for Kimball to take her. She can only jabber but she knows how to communicate. Kimmie walked out of my office carrying a contented Reese.

-As Ray Stephens was ending his show last weekend, CabaRay Nashville, he told about the Texas rancher who told the Tennessee farmer, “It takes me 30 minutes to drive from my front gate to my house.”

The Tennessee farmer replied, “I used to have an old truck like that.” KL