The City of El Dorado Springs received a check for over $17,000 from the Missouri Public Utility Alliance at the city regular meeting on Jan. 6.

Councilmen Brett Entrikin, Jim Luster, Nathan Murrell and Mayor Cory Gayman were present as were City Manager Bruce Rogers and City Clerk Kandi Baldwin. Councilman Nick Bland was absent. The check was presented by Ewell Lawson, vice president of member services for MPUA.

The council voted to appoint Cory Gayman to the Kaysinger Basin Regional Planning Committee; Nathan Murrell to the Picnic Committee and Brett Entrikin to the Planning Commission.

The council also amended section 23 of the taxation of the Code of Ordinances of the City pertaining the license taxes for Medical Marijuana Dispensary, Medical Marijuana Cultivation, Medical Marijuana Infused Products Manufacturing and Medical Marijuana Testing and or Transportation, amended an ordinance of the city pertaining to medical marijuana and adopting Section 15-173 of the code of ordinances pertaining to the sale and manufacture of medical marijuana in the city of El Dorado Springs. 

During his City Manager report, Rogers said that the fire department is getting three new defibrillators. He said that the city was replacing two defibrillators at city hall and two at the electrical department. He said that the cost of one defibrillator is $1,335. He said that was the best price the city had found. He also said that Progress Club was purchasing one of the defibrillators for the fire department.

Rogers reported that currently there are 29 teams signed up for the basketball tournament on Jan 17 – 19. He said there would be another tournament in Feb.  Rogers said that an engineer will look at designing a spill way and floating dock at the Nine Wonders Lake.

Mayor Gayman thanked Rogers for his forward thinking in managing the city.

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