I called Tonia Molz to give my condolences on the death of her father, Tuffy Marshall. She seemed to be doing very well as it was not unexpected. In fact, she said that for the past month, Tuffy had said he wanted to go.

I always called him the Virgil City Marshall.  I guess his wife, Marge, will have to wear that badge now.

At church Sunday, Nora Smith asked whose funeral was Saturday. Kimball and I did a little thinking and told her it was Tuffy’s. She said that the Hackleman lot was full of cars and several were parked in the Chamber/Woods parking lot. Tuffy would have had some comment about that.

Something I never thought to ask Tonia and I may have to ask Marge: How did Tuffy get his nickname? That should be an interesting story. I’ll let you know if someone tells me.

Before I lost my parents, I was too shy to talk to someone who had lost a loved one. I found out that I appreciated it when someone talked to me about Dad or Mom. Now I’m not so hesitant to start a conversation about the dearly departed.

I didn’t hear the conversation but I heard about what Everett Smith said when someone asked him at church on a Wednesday night how his dad, Paul Smith, was doing when he had died earlier in the day. Everett, who always had an answer for everything, said, “I expect he’s the best he’s ever been.”

– I received two long, well thought out articles this week I didn’t know were coming.

The first one was from Sheriff James (JimBob) McCrary announcing that he is running for re-election. He has been one busy guy as has his staff.

Then I received what I had requested a few weeks ago from Jana Witt, CEO of Cedar County Memorial Hospital, giving us the 2019 highlights of Cedar County Memorial Hospital. Jana would prefer to write than to be interviewed and am I glad. That has been a super busy group of health care professionals

I encourage you to read both articles carefully. JimBob and Jana obviously gave a lot of thought and time into preparing their reports to you. From Jana’s report you might learn about a new option to help keep you or a family member healthier. From the sheriff, you might learn about something to help keep you and your family safer. There’s a wealth of information in both articles.

– If you wonder why I don’t comment on national politics, it’s kind of like the weather: Everybody hears about it but nobody can do anything about it. And I don’t really have much of an opinion and certainly no new facts. KL

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