Larry Dablemont must have read my mind. One of the Springfield TV channels made a big deal out of the start of trout season on March 1. I told Kimball that I wouldn’t want to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with a horde of “fisher people” trying to catch pen raised fish barely a foot long. Larry said the same thing in his column.

Once, on the way home from Shreveport, I stopped at a lake in Arkansas and caught some trout. Mom and Dad and I didn’t really like them.

– I called the AD’s office and talked to Abby Floyd to find out if our girls won the district championship. She said they lost by four points. Bummer. I had talked to Coach Beau Swopes on Friday about a team photo of the District Champs for the front page.

I heard something recently that might apply: Man plans, God laughs.

Abby said we are in a period of lull waiting for the team banquets: wrestling, girls and boys basketball, cheer leading and band.

– I just tore off the February sheet on my wall calendar and noticed that March 8 is when we spring forward to Daylight Savings Time. Wanda Baldwin, now Wanda Jennings, used to say that everybody should set their alarm for 1 a.m. to get up and move all the clocks one hour ahead.

Haven’t heard much from Wanda lately. She worked here when Adrian and Davis were babies and talking toddlers. Once Adrian told her, “Get to wuk.”

Wanda came back with, “Adrian, are you going to talk to me like that after all the candy I’ve given you and all the other favors I’ve done for you?”

Adrian said, “I was talking to my self. Get to wuk, Self.”

Now Gwen is the go to person for Reese. A lot of the time, Reese would prefer to be held by Gwen rather than anyone else in the office.  Don’t know why… Gwen gives her anything she wants and lets her do as she pleases.

I saw an invitation on the refrigerator at home that there’s going to be a party for Reese Saturday. She will be one year old on  Friday, March 6. My how time flies, It seems like yesterday that we went to Erica’s room in the Nevada hospital to meet and hold hours old Madeline Reese Long and congratulate Erica and Davis. I still remember that Erica called it a “fun delivery.”

– March 15 falls on Sunday this year so some die hards may miss church for the opening of spoonbill snagging season. I plan to be in my pew. KL