The office crew let’s me go home before they finish laying out your newspaper so I don’t see all the headlines on the front page. I interviewed Cedar County Northern Commissioner Don Boultinghouse about the 2020 Cedaar County budget and quoted him and Cedar County Clerk Heather York who gave me more valuable information for you.  My headline was Don Boultinghousse interview. The layout crew (Gwen and Davis) correctly titled the article Cedar County passes 2020 budget.  Only problem is because of my headline, I didn’t give credit to Don in the article for all of his good information.  So now you know that a lot of of the information about the 2020 budget came from my interview with Don Boultinghouse. As is my practice, I sent the completed article to the Commission on Monday so they could make any corrections or additions.  It’s so much easier to make changes that way and really reduces stress on me.

– Before you go to any event in the next few weeks, I’d advise that you call ahead to see if it has been cancelled or postponed out of fear of corona virus or Covid 19,

I had just emailed Larry Dablemont    Friday to tell him I wasn’t going to attend his Outdoorsman Trading Post next Saturday for that reason. Monday he emailed to say it was postponed.

-Gwen just told me that El Dorado Springs R-II has extended spring vacation by a week.  Guess that means some kids get to go snagging for spoonbill.

– I think I heard that the virus was transferred to humans in China when they ate bats, which are immune to it like skunks are to rabies. Neither is on my diet menu.

– Kimball just told me that Harold and Robin Fugate purchased the former Shopko building but haven’t decided what to do with it. KL