Kimball accompanied me to the football game Friday night to help photo the seniors. You know that my first inclination was to say, “Shoot the seniors.” I don’t take photos. I shoot pictures. I used to waltz into the police station to photo a new officer and would announce, ”I’m here to shoot…” In today’s climate, that might get somebody hurt. Me.

After we both shot the seniors, I started shooting the game so Kimball could go back to the office and download those pictures. When the game started, I was soon discouraged. The Pierce City Eagles marched right down the field and into the end zone. 7-0. I thought, “This is going to be a long night.”

When we got the ball, I was up close to the line of scrimmage so I could get some shots of the ball in our hands, when Ethan Dubois went around the right end and 65 yards down the sideline running faster than I had ever seen him go. Dayton Austin took the extra point attempt in for two. Well, now, I thought, maybe they are on to something.

It was that way all night. A two-point advantage at half turned into a 44-26 win. It got to where I would go to the goal line when we were about the 50-yard line, like I used to when Lance Molz was playing, so I could get our guy scoring.

I had figured on going home at half if the game was out of hand. I was there until the end.

– Saturday I went to the funeral in Clintonville Cemetery for a classmate who had no family, Dick Bowln. Only a handful of the Class of 1964 and a couple of neighbors from the Tiffin area were there to pay last respects.  Classmate Lewis Ray Eslinger conducted the ceremony. I rode the school bus with Dick. I don’t remember much about him from except that he was a nice kid. Linda Hutsell Moore remembered that he and she were voted the Most Polite in our class.

It was good to reconnect with several of my classmates and have lunch with some of them. The years just seem to fall away. People that might have seemed old to me years ago just become the same kids with a few wrinkles.

– We are still fighting the battle to get folks to realize we changed email addresses a couple of years ago. I just learned today that we have a bad address on facebook. I asked Davis to change it. The newspaper is at Kimball is at I’m at If you use the old newspaper address we will never know it. A good business practice on any email is to ask for confirmation of receipt. Same on snail mail. Kimball mailed a check weeks ago and it hasn’t arrived yet as far as we know.

– Years go, we purchased a young horse from Linda Hendricks. She had given him a name that would choke a horse but all I could remember was Red Rocket. I just called him Rocket. I got to wondering about his full name.

I tried to call the Appleton City residence and business of Linda and her husband, Dr. Ron Brown, DVM. Maybe next week I’ll be able to tell you my horse’s name.

-SCRG Chili Cook-off will be Saturday on Spring Street  by the Park. KL

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