Have you seen the signs up and down Hwy. 54 and in some yards in town each with a graduating EHS senior’s name on it?

What a nice tribute.

I did a little checking and learned it was the brainchild of Penny Daradowski. She ordered them for $11 each (her cost) for parents, family members and well-wishers. I think she can get more. I got my information from Cammie Housh. Supt. Koca said she works in the cafeteria and knows every student’s name and ID number.

Changing technology has taken away one of my editing tools – the phone book for checking the spelling of names. People are going to cell phones only and there’s no phone book listings for those.

– I just confirmed some dates with Tonia Molz. Summer School starts Thursday, June 11. Graduation starts at 7 p.m. Sunday, June 14, on the football field. 8th grade graduation starts at 7 p.m. Monday, June 15, on the football field.

Kindergarten graduation will start at 9 a.m. Wednesday, June 10, in the Park.

I didn’t ask Tonia about rain out plans. If everyone went to the gym that would rule out social distancing. That’s why they moved the last two school board meetings to the high school gym. Works for sound proofing, too. I can’t hardly hear a thing. You know, that might help the officiating crews, too. They may have trouble hearing fan comments.

Rusty Norval had an idea he hasn’t implemented yet because he’s not sure MSHAA officials would appreciate his sense of humor. He wants to walk into a game he’s going to officiate wearing dark sunglasses and feeling his way with a white cane. He says fans accuse the ref of being blind so why not get ahead of the criticism?

– Saturday Kimball cooked up a feast in honor of two birthdays – my sister, Margaret, who was born on March 21, a couple of years ago, and Davis, who was born on May 16, a couple of years after that.

Our one-year-old granddaughter, Reese, was the star of the show, of course. She sat quietly in the high chair and chomped down everything that Momma Erica offered her. Her big brother, Ben, and I sat across the table and just watched. I don’t know if she got into the sausage and shrimp gumbo, but everyone else did. I know Reese liked the chicken spaghetti… and the ice cream and two kinds of cake.

After lunch, Reese got down and I got to watch her walk for the first time. I think she’s been doing that a few weeks, maybe. Watching her, I realized that our two-year-old grandson, Van, can’t walk. He only has one gear, overdrive. He runs everywhere.

Erica wanted to go shopping after lunch, so she left Reese with a house full of babysitters. Reese wound up on her daddy’s lap for something she hates – a nap. Pretty soon she passed out and so did Davis.

Caddeaux was very tolerant of all the attention Reese gave him. He curled up in her high chair. It was almost a tight fit, but I know you’ve noticed that cats love to sleep in boxes that are too small for them. I wonder it someone makes girdles for cats. Just thinkin’.

-Don’t forget to vote June 2.     KL