At the R-II School Board meeting last Thursday night. I was impressed that so many teachers were there. When we first went in, I went over to Penny Eason and told her, “You get your husband back tonight.” Darrell retired after 21 years on the board.

The teachers were there to honor the  retirees. The board had Darrell present Mark his plaque for 21 years of service in El Dorado Springs (plus 11 more at other schools). Then the teachers gave him a standing ovation.  I clapped as hard as anybody, but I was afraid to stand as I was on the front row of the bleachers and thought I might make a dive onto the gym floor. Incoming Superintendent Heath Oates said that his eyes moistened at the standing O and so did Mark’s.

Friday evening, Mark was honored again with induction into the Chamber of Commerce Hall of Fame.

– While the Municipal Band was playing after the Picnic in the Park, Sharon West Lansing told Kimball that she was about three years old when the Sunderwirth Band Stand was built and she skipped around the bandstand and ran her hand over the stones.

So, she and Kimball decided they should skip to the band music.  Two problems – neither one of them remembered how to skip and I didn’t have a camera.

– I got a press release from Extension telling that KayLee Lower was awarded a scholarship.  She said she plans to go to MU and get a degree then go on to law school for a degree in ag law.

I called down to the Extension office and asked them to have her contact my Ag Law professor, Donnie Levi, my favorite college professor, who is Sharyl Henry’s brother. Then I called Donnie to tell him to expect the call.

He remembered me from his 7:40 a.m. class all those years ago. I mentioned Link Knauer who defended us in two libel suits and Donnie knows Link as they were classmates.

It was a fun trip down memory lane.  He did have a piece of advice for KayLee or anyone going into law school: Major in anything but pre-law. He also said a college professor told him that on a college campus, a doctorate is as necessary as a pair of pants. If you’re wearing pants, no one notices the color or style, but if you aren’t wearing pants, everyone notices. It doesn’t matter what subject as long as you have Dr. in front of your name. KL