How long did it take for you to get your dose of the Democratic Convention? I had just flipped on the TV and was starting to cruise the channels and up came some Democratic chick giving a speech.

. From the kitchen, I heard Kimball state firmly, “I don’t want to see that.” Fortunately the channel changer was not stuck so I survived.

– The other night Kimball and I watched two episodes of Very Scary People and it left me very uneasy. They were both about the BTK (Bind, Torture, Kill) killer. If you answered the door without a gun in your hand (and almost no one did that back then), he usually had a gun in his hand when he knocked on a door. He’d convince the couple he wasn’t going to do anything if the wife tied up the husband, then he’d do exactly what he told them he wouldn’t do. Finally DNA technology caught up with him, an ex-policeman.

The Golden State Killer was at a town meeting  called to discuss him. One guy bragged at that meeting that he would kill him if he came to his house. He came and got away with it.

Sunday night, I couldn’t sleep and watched “How It Really Happened,” about the Atlanta child murders. A massive police stakeout caught the Atlanta child murderer when he threw a body off a bridge so the water would wash away trace evidence. He had killed nearly 40 Atlanta black young people and he almost beat that rap. But an intelligent jury gave him life sentences for two of the murders. The rest are unsolved.

-Now this week they are going to have the Republican National Convention.  Hope they learned something from the Democrats, but I don’t expect to stay up to watch.

The polls have Biden ahead of Trump. But didn’t the polls have Hillary in the lead?

– The Cedar Bowl is scheduled for Friday night here. Take your folding chairs if you want to social distance in the south end zone.

– Thursday the CCMH board is going to discuss Stockton services. There’s a number listed in the article where you can call in to listen.

– Kimmie (Grandma Kimball) is giving our one-year-old granddaughter, Reese, small doses of Popee (that’s me) by stopping her shopping cart rides at my office door briefly. It’s working. She’s a lot less afraid of me. As Reese is toddling all over the office, she will often stop at the door of my office and look in and jabber things.

And Jack, the kitten that Davis, Erica and Ben picked out for us, has totally taken over the house. He’s everywhere, almost at once. He follows Kimball. He sleeps on the step stool at the foot of our bed after he puts Kimball and me to bed. We certainly know we have a cat around the house.  He occasionally swats Caddee’s backside and adamantly refuses to go outside. He was a street cat in Nevada for awhile and got enough of that.

Jack actually comes when I call him… sometimes. No lap sitting, though.          KL