This week our tech guy made a special trip to fix my Microsoft Word that has been malfunctioning about half the time.

In order to get my computer to take the new MS 16.41, he had to install a new operating system, OS 13.6.

I was on the phone with Microsoft on Friday trying to get them to learn me all this new stuff. Come 4:30, the guy stopped responding. What I learned was when it was time for him to go home.

Well, I’ve figured some ways around it. I just email a lot of obituaries and articles to Gwen. Thank Goodness she’s flexible.

When you are in the office, you can see the museum Kimball has started on the south wall of the main office, some of the old Macs that served us so well over the years. I miss my old SE 30. My current one is so much faster I can make mistakes at the speed of light, then spend more time correcting them than if I had done it the slow way. I think the SE 30 ran at 30 megahertz. My new one lists its processor speed at 2.66 GHz. I have absolutely no idea what those figures mean. One was fast back in the day. The other one is fast now. I have seen the difference. The old computer took forever to make a change in a photo on screen. The new one makes the requested change almost instantly.

– We obtained the probable cause statement Police Chief Jarod Schiereck wrote up on Amanda Miller’s alleged abuse of a three-year-old girl for “getting into” her Dr. Pepper.

Kimball went down to council Monday evening and found out from the Chief that Ms. Miller was arrested Saturday and released. The Chief said he arrested her about a month ago and included that with his weekly report then.

The Chief did not know if the prosecutor would bump up the charge to a felony. Kimball searched high and low for the report of the original arrest and can’t find it.

The Chief said the latest arrest should be listed in the police report we will receive later week.

– Kimball didn’t go to City Council on Monday evening because they were doing the budget first thing and that takes forever. Years ago I started not attending those work sessions thinking councilmen, the city manager and department heads might speak more freely if they knew they weren’t going to be quoted in the newspaper. I think they’ve been doing a good job so let’s just let them run with the ball.

– We have decided to change our policy on anonymous letters to the editor. It you feel strongly enough to write a letter, sign it.

-Also, Kimball reviewed our policy on letters to the editor and realized that political endorsements need to be paid in advance.  KL