I read to Kimball the 10/31 entry in the Cedar County Sheriff’s report:

• Spooks and goblins reported on most streets in Stockton.  Large groups of witches and spidermen found in Stockton Park.

She replied, “That’s an everyday occurrence in Stockton,

Guess she’s not running for anything.

-Saw this T-Shirt on the internet: Not fragile like a flower. Fragile like a bomb. I’ve known people like that.

-We heard that there was a murder in Vernon County. I got confirmation that there was a murder and that authorities are working with Arkansas authorities. I tried several sources but can’t get any more information. Davis got it for me.

-What a happy ending in St. Clair County where searchers, including Volunteer Firemen from El Dorado Springs, located a sleeping toddler unharmed. Evidently, he takes a nap a lot more easily than our granddaughter, Reese.

-Covid 19 is hitting the school hard. So far, my family, office staff and I have had a protecting hand over us.

-We took everybody out to dinner for our 45th wedding anniversary Saturday night where Erica works. As far as I know, it’s the first meal at a restaurant for Reese, age 18 months. She loved it. Nary a squak or cry, but she did get out of her highchair and run everywhere. (I don’t think she can walk.)

Big Brother Ben was as quiet as a mouse.

There were a bunch of guys at a nearby table. They didn’t officially meet Reese but they gave her a name as she ran past many times– Princess. Seemed to suit her. She couldn’t or wouldn’t keep her Minnie Mouse ears on so Grandma Kimmie wore them.

The restaurant owner came and sat with us awhile. She already knew Reese,  Ben and Davis.

While we were at dinner, Davis got an email from Adrian of scenes from Van’s third birthday party Saturday. Looked like everyone was having a blast. Van was Spiderman, of course. Cain was The Hulk.

Adrian was Wonder Woman. Snider was Superman.

-I think (hope) I can finally report I am completely recovered from my losing bout with a bladder infection. I had an appointment with Dr. Casey on Tuesday and he said it was almost gone. Just to be sure, I took it easy through the weekend.

• One of my readers took me serious about feeling like I was going to die. She left a note on my desk: Please continue writing the “Rock Wall”: I know I enjoy it every much. It is much more positive than all the National news these days. I think it was signed Lora Miller.

-Ms. Miller, you have no idea how hard it is to keep the National news from spilling over into the Rock Wall. It makes it all worthwhile knowing there are fine folks like you out there who appreciate my efforts.

That’s why we have stayed in the Sun so long, because we love the community and have seen what happens to small towns that lose their newspaper. Wise up guys. There are neighboring papers that want the advertising dollars but don’t seem to want to do the work it takes to keep the town and our hospital alive. KL