We were sorry to hear about the death Saturday of our friend, Eva Coleman, in Florida.  Services are pending at Bland Hackleman with no date set.  Eva was always a calm, rational force in our lives.  When she was in El Dorado Springs she was the vice president at First Savings who worked closely with Ray Merryman.

• Within the past six months Kimball showed Adrian a photo of our new cat, Jack, and Adrian said he was a “handsome cat.” I’ve never heard that term used to describe a cat. Well, last week, Kimball showed a photo of Jack to Shawn Abele, the dog lady, and got the same response. Shawn provided a home for Jack after Davis and Erica moved to a house where they couldn’t have pets.

We didn’t want to stress our long-term cat, Caddeaux, with a new creature in the house so we couldn’t take Jack. When Caddeaux succumbed to a heart attack, Davis, Erica and Ben thought Jack would be a perfect fit in our household. Boy, were they right. Jack moved in and became our talking cat.

Jack doesn’t like company in the house. Adrian and her family didn’t see hide nor hair of him while they were here the week before Thanksgiving. He didn’t even show himself while Davis, Erica, Ben and Reese were in the house.

Now that things have settled down, he’s gone back to being Kimball’s shadow. Jack tolerates me well, but he’s Kimball’s cat. He’s even her alarm cat waking her early so she can let him and Davis’ dog go outside. If the cat gets left outside, the dog will bark to tell us to let the cat indoors.

Jack is just the opposite of Caddeaux who thought every repairman and stranger in the house  had come just to pet him.

• We’re not really tuned in to facebook. After lunch Sunday, Kimball headed to the school to get  photos at the football banquet at 3 p.m. Both gyms were empty.

She just figured  it was Covid related and made some calls on Monday. It was.

• Is anybody else tired of this virus stuff yet?

• Davis, Ben and Reese came to the office to see the Christmas parade Saturday afternoon. What a beautiful day for a parade. Reese thought the parade was for her. I told that to the man behind the parade, Justin Swager, and he said it was for her and for all the other kids. He said he had 27 units written down and more jumped in. He’s had requests to do it again next year but maybe an hour later.

You can call or text Justin Swager at 417/296-6287.

-Adrian told me she thought Justin is Cousin Greg Fast’s son. I called Justin and gained a new second cousin. Murnie Fast, his grandma is my older first cousin, I always call her. She had her birthday last week. I had mine Monday (today).

I just learned that Murnie had Covid last summer and survived. Nurses went to her house every day. She’s still trying to avoid exposure. Me, too., and I haven’t had it… yet. KL