Gayle Teague called me two times last week. Once to tell me about the rock heart on Hainline and the second time to tell me she couldn’t get hearts out of her mind and suggested that readers look for heart shaped objects in nature. Take a picture and send them to the SUN. I like that Idea.  Ya’ll get out there and prowl around and see what you can find. Thanks, Gayle, for the idea.

Kenny continues to improve and is close to being sent to a rehab facility. He says he can’t get any kind of decent water, can’t get any chocolate milk, can’t get biscuits and gravy. I think he’s still looking for fried chicken.

He told me there was what sounded like a tornado outside his window Saturday night and it sounded like, “eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.” He really did tell me to tell you that it startled him.

As of today, (Monday) it looks like the groundhog in the northeast will not see his shadow. Last week on Spring City TV, Davis and I discussed having a groundhog for El Dorado Springs. I suggested naming him Sunny. Davis pointed out that we don’t want the groundhog named Sunny because he would see his shadow and we would have six more weeks of winter.. I then thought an appropriate groundhog name would be Waldo P. I can’t tell she groundhogs from he groundhogs, so, the name is officially gender neutral.

In the above paragraph, I originally misspelled groundhog five times. Grodnhog, groundhop,frownhoop, groodhof and geond hog before spellcheck corrected it.

Two birthdays coming up. Grandson Ben has a birthday on Feb 4 and Granddaughter Reese has one on March 6.

I just finished the first day of my fourth week of yoga. I’m a little more limber and a little less wobbly. Long way to go.

Last week Gwen suggested that we have a party. “What kind”, I asked. “A nap party,” she replied. Great idea. BYOP.