I was absolutely sure last week that the groundhog would not see his shadow. But he did and now we’re getting all six week’s worth of winter in six days.

This Sunday is Valentine’s Day and we have a Love Story on the front page as well as Valentine stats provided by the El Dorado Springs Chamber of Commerce.

It looks like all the health care providers are ready to give Covid-19 vaccines when they arrive. You need to get your name on a list and all that information is also on the front page. My question is what if there is too much vaccine? What happens to it? I’m not being facetious. What if X number of people are on the list and less than X show up to get the vaccine?

I think we’ve mentioned our gray cat Jack. Jack is the third gray cat we’ve had. There was Bruce, Caddeaux and now Jack. Anyway, I was beginning to think that Jack was a Magic Cat when I knew I let him downstairs and a few minutes later I saw his face looking in the north door. I drove around the house as I left for work, checking for open doors, or windows that Jack might have used to perform his magic trick. Nothing. I can only imagine that Jack isn’t magic but very sneaky. Letting our dog, Caddee, in and out is more of a production than letting Jack out and he uses the opportunity to slink past Caddee and escape to the outdoors. I think.

We have an election on April 6. The Cedar County Clerk inadvertently left a candidate for the hospital board off of the certification, so I offered to let him introduce himself with a letter. I did the same for his opponent. – Page 2. On page 4 is the corrected certification.

Have you started receiving Spring gardening catalogs? I have. I would like to have a vegetable garden. I used a couple of rows of June and Clifford’s garden several years ago to grow squash and okra. Vegetable gardening is a lot of work and what I produced proved that I’m not good at it. So, I think maybe volunteering at the Community Garden might be my best bet.

Sharon Lansing was our guest for Hawaiian shirt Thursday last week and she would appreciate any help you can give at the Community Garden

Kenny is now in re-hab. With a lot to do and lots of people to talk to, I know he’s having a good time.        KSL

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