When we first moved to El Dorado Springs in 1979 I didn’t know what to expect, but I did know that Missouri had snow and I thought that would be great – lovely white fluffy snow drifting down from the sky as you sit by the window and drink hot chocolate. I did not occur to me once that you would have to get out in it and do stuff. So, I learned that you have to do that sometimes. But I don’t ever remember a time when it was this dreary and cold for this long. Supposedly something like this happened 40 years ago. Maybe, but I was younger then and probably didn’t notice how utterly horrible the whole thing was. Now, I can’t get warm and the hot chocolate isn’t what it used to be.

We’ll live. Caddee wears a plaid coat when she goes out in the snow and Jack just looks out the window. I’m sure if there was a hot chocolate for cats he’d have some in his paw and a look on his face that says “What is that dog doing out there anyway?”

I went to the Eagles Auction for the Hope Center on Saturday. I actually went looking for a lamp but went home with chocolate covered strawberries and a whole pan of chocolate fudge. The auction raised $9,400 for the Hope Center. Obviously, they auctioned off more than strawberries and fudge.

Kenny continues to improve. He called me last week  to tell me that to his surprise and delight, Madison Mays is his speech therapist. He was so pleased to see a familiar face and he had to tell everybody about her star basketball player status. She reminded him that her little sister, Macie, is also a fine basketball player.

On Feb. 24, The Lions Club will have a taco salad lunch – dine in or carry out. And if you want to go the Nature Made Garden Healthy Heart classes, you’ll have to wait a week because of the weather.

I talked to Bruce Rogers on Monday about how the weather was affecting El Dorado Springs. He said a few customers had water problems, but that was it.

I just mentioned chocolate five times.