Winter has finally arrived slamming the area with an extended cold period that this area hasn’t seen in about 40 years. Not only has the cold continued for several days,  but the  bone-chilling northern winds have left us in a deep freeze with snow covered streets and highways and below zero temperatures.

We asked Ralph Bland at Sac Osage Electric how their consumers were fairing.  Bland said that  they had two outages on Monday, one affecting about 25 members and a single outage due to a faulty transformer.  “We’ve done very well considering these weather conditions. We had very good luck over the bitterly cold weekend also.”

Jim Davis stated that Sac Osage Electric’s system was able to deliver an all-time record amount of power of over 51 megawatts, which is substantially higher than the previous system peak of approximately 43 megawatts.

Davis said that the co-op’s engineering department has done transformer loading studies over the last 15 years. “We’ve made sure that the transformers are properly sized.  Consequently, we feel confident facing weather events like this.  We’ve been able to mitigate most of the distribution problems, and our power suppliers have managed to avoid the rolling outages that Texas is presently experiencing.”

The 3-tiered system has worked well, where Sac Osage distributes power received from KAMO, generated by Associated Electric Cooperative.

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