I must have scared my crocus last week – or insulted them. They’re popping up all over the south yard. Mostly yellows and oranges and some purple. There are daffodils everywhere – or what are supposed to be daffodils and a bunch of hospital flowers I stuck in the yard seven years ago. I never remember what they are, but they always bloom.

I got a call on Monday from Dr. Don Levy. He was Kenny’s Ag Law professor when he was at MU. Dr. Levy has written a book. Actually, he’s written 14 text books which he says were a lot easier to write than this 15th book titled “Life on the Farm in the Mid 1900s.” He said his book is being used in a fourth grade class in Kansas. He called to says he wanted to give Kenny an autographed copy and have him review it. The books go to press this week. I told Kenny. He’s looking forward to it and so am I. I have a collection of books written by Cedar Countians and am looking forward to adding this one.

Dr. Levy says he would like to have a book signing and is looking for a place in El Dorado Springs. He’ll also have one in Stockton.

Saturday, Caddee saw two coyotes north of the house. She charged them as fast as she could run which is pretty fast. She was barking at the top of her lungs.  I stopped her about 1⁄2 way to them. I think it was me – hysterically calling her name or maybe it was because the closer she got to them, the larger they looked. Anyway, Jack was outside and got a good look at them. He turned his now quarter sized eyes on me and dashed for the house. I had just heard on the news that this is coyote mating season and to be careful with your animals. I guess they are correct.

I went to the Lions Club breakfast on Saturday. I always look forward to them and have made most of them in the 40 years we have been here.

Reese is now two years old. I know she got a Minnie Mouse umbrella and is carrying around a purse that has mouse ears.