Looking back through some of my recent emails, I realized I did not give credit last week where it is due:

We had a revival in progress at our church which I didn’t want to miss so I called the assistant superintendent, Dr. Theresa Christian, and asked if she would take photos of the newly elected board members being installed. She did her usually good job.

I also called Supt. Heath Oates and asked for a report on the board meeting, which he usually gives me anyway. I did give him credit for that.

I called Board Secretary Tonia Molz and asked for her report on the meeting along with any handouts. I like to see her report each month because she always picks up a few key points that I might miss even if I was sitting in front of the board at full attention. That happened again at the April 8 meeting and we benefited from it. One example: Tonia picked up how the duties of the next assistant superintendent might be split up.

– Friday, April 16, was a monumental day for me: I took a few steps across the kitchen – from the refrigerator to the microwave and back – without any walking aid. That was exciting. My therapists at Park View didn’t have any idea if or when that might happen or even why I couldn’t walk.

No, that doesn’t mean I am cured as I soon found out when I tried to walk outside. My legs, which hadn’t fully supported me since Jan. 7, soon gave out and gravity took over. I had thought maybe I could go back to turkey hunting, but it looks like I’m due for a lot of exercise to strengthen my legs. It used to be no problem for me to hike several miles while turkey hunting. Kimball, Adrian, Davis and I would walk to and from the former location of the Ararat School House two miles away just for a family outing. Sometimes part of the way, I’d race walk with the kids.

Brent Hillsman and I would walk for miles turkey hunting sweating a lot. Part of the time, we’d be carrying a 20 something pound turkey each. Most of the time, not.

Now I want to park by the handicapped ramp to save a few steps.

– I am sorry to learn of the death of Ann Stebbins. Nice lady. We’re getting down to my age group now.

– I’m not looking forward to a cold front and predicted snow. Once Dad, Brent and I made an attempt to hunt turkeys in 19 degree weather out by Short Ford Bridge. It was not a memorable trip. It may have been the time we called in a very nervous flock. I had heard or read that if you cluck to a bunch of turkeys it will settle them down. Won’t try that again. KL