This week we lost a good friend, Rose Smith. It doesn’t seem that long since she and her husband, Charles Lee, were in the young adults Sunday School class at Concord Missionary Baptist Church with Kimball and me and several others and Jerald Jones was our teacher, Charles and Rose brought their kids, Neil, Tina and Terry to church with them.

Now Tina is the only one still alive and she doesn’t come to church very often.

The young adults have moved up to the senior adult class and there aren’t nearly as many of us.

-Lawrence Hicks called Thursday afternoon or so and we had a good chat. He left a couple of newspaper photos at the office from White Hall School. Dad told about the time Lawrence’s little brother, Clarence, got snow in his shoes and socks. Dad, one of the big kids, helped first grader Clarence get the snow out of his shoes and socks. They all walked to White Hall School and when Clarence grew up, Dad was glad he had been good to him.

Lawrence told me about a tragic accident I remembered hearing about. I think it was Floyd Benskin who was airing up a truck tire at the Strout Station, long before Allison Tire existed, when a rim blew off the tire into his face killing him.

Of course, I remember when Ben Allison, Karl and Larry’s dad, ran the gas station at Hwys. 54 and 32. I’m not clear on whether Ben was a mail carrier and just ran the station part time for Karl. That sure grew into a family business.  I remember when Karl had his tire shop downtown across from the Post Office on Main Street.

I’ve heard Karl say that his businesses have filled his 20 or 25 acres on Hwy. 54.

Lawrence Hicks left me a note saying he would be glad to come by and pick me up to show me his cabin and large pond that some people call a lake. He said he just calls it a larger pond.

Lawrence said, “I remember lots of old stuff from 60 to 80 years ago, but I can’t tell you anything from two days ago.” Do tell.’

• I’m having this chat with you on Adrian’s birthday. June 4.  Kimball just reminded me to tell you that Adrian, Van and Snider plan to drive up for a visit arriving sometime late Monday, June 7.  Cain can’t get off from work.

• Adrian and the boys left the “camp” in St. Joseph, LA, on Lake Bruin and drove to Little Rock for the night. Then they’ll go to Springfield to meet up with Casey (Collins) Crocker, before they come see us.

• -I’m anxious to see how much the boys have grown. Last time they were here,

Van was a rambunctious two-year-old and Snider was a tiny baby. Now Van is almost four going on 40 and Snider is a little tough guy who flies into his brother without provocation. Adrian and Cain work hard to keep from laughing. I may not.

I have a suggestion for all the places that require face masks if you haven’t had your Covid shot. I’ve had both shots as has Kimball. I carry a card in my billfold that gives the dates of both my shots. Have to wear a mask anyway. Why not develop some kind of sticker, armband or whatever that the receptionist puts on you if you’ve had both shots? Then you wouldn’t have to wear a mask while in that facility. The receptionist could retrieve the ID as you start to leave the facility. I’d a lot rather wear an arm band or sticker than a mask.        KL