An investigation conducted by Sgt. Clay Jeffries and Sheriff Jim McCrary has resulted in the seizure of illegal drugs and explosive devices and five arrests. On 6/2/21 Sgt. Jeffries obtained a search warrant for a residence at 314 Lafayette in El Dorado Springs.

Sheriff Chad Anderson from the Bates County Sheriff’s Office and his warrant entry team responded to the location and gained entry into the residence. Assisting with the search and investigation were CNET drug task force officers and El Dorado Springs Police.

Illegal drugs including suspected methamphetamine and related paraphernalia items were seized. Explosive devices were also found in the residence. The Springfield Bomb Squad was called and they responded. They retrieved the explosives and diffused/detonated them in a safe location.

Five persons were arrested. William Wilkerson and Karl Horning have been charged with unlawful possession of explosive devices and felony drug possession. Linda Shifflett has been charged with felony illegal drug possession. All three are currently in Cedar County Jail. Two other persons were arrested and are awaiting formal charges.

Thanks to all who assisted.

Linda Shifflett

Karl Horning

William Wilkerson

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