Lural Mays answered my question:

To Kenny, In answer to your question in the Rock Wall , Frank Lynn was the barber with Smitty. Shorty Mann was also with them before he retired. Three barbers and a shoe shine boy, too.

That was some thunderstorm that blew through Sunday night/Monday morning. I was sound asleep when a loud crack awakened me. Then I realized it was totally dark in the house – no night lights, no electric clock. Kimball got up and found a flashlight. I got my cell phone and called Sac Osage several times and kept losing the signal. Finally, it stayed connected long enough for me to tell the dispatcher who and where I was. She said they had a lot of trouble reported in our area, in the Cedar Springs area and north of Stockton. Finally, at 2:53 a.m., the lights came back on.

While it was so dark you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face, I thought about Kent Henry who I had just seen at the revival at the meeting at El Dorado Springs Missionary Baptist Church Sunday night. That’s a block east of the Senior Center  of Lafayette if any of you want to go. Don’t take your billfold and don’t get dressed up.  Starts at 7 p.m. I saw lots of members from other Missionary Baptist Churches including some I had just been in Sunday School with at Concord Sunday morning. I thought, “I bet Kent got called out in this storm.” Nolan Davis said he did.

While I was laying there in the dark, I had several thoughts. One of them was to ask you Bible scholars where in the King James Version of the Bible it says you can lose your salvation. I can’t find it. Wednesday, June 23, is my 60th spiritual birthday. The Lord saved me on Friday, June 23, as I lay stretched out on my face under the altar bench Dad and Mom built that is still at the front of El Dorado Springs Missionary Baptist Church. If I could lose what the Lord gave me that night, I surely would have by now. I’ll run the answer I get next week.

– That’s why the 60 or 70 mph winds Bob

Floyd told me about when he was out checking on the Taylor fire didn’t concern me.

-We went to Fair Haven Saturday morning for breakfast. Delicious once again. We sat at a table with Glen and Connie Stump who had made the trip from near Montevallo. They said they have been subscribers of the Sun for over 40 years. Sure was a pleasure to get to know them. I tried to introduce Kimball and myself, but they already knew who we were. Glen had one compliant – it’s too far to the bathroom at Fair Haven.

I just curb my thirst before I go. Then I hope Kimball will take me straight home after I’ve been fed and watered KL