Who would have thought that our Founding Fathers would have put tank tops in the U.S. Constitution? There it is: The right to bear arms.

I followed Kimball’s note and wound up with a typo in last week’s Rock Wall. Clayton Jones said he told her that Smitty retired in 1989 or 90 not when he was 89 or 90. Clayton said that El Dorado Floor Covering was on the west side and the restaurant was west of that.

Rosemary Lusk called and told Kimball that she got her training in 1951 under Ruby Watkins who had the beauty shop in back of Smitty’s.

I hope you and yours had a Wonderful Independence Day celebration. I wanted to make sure we remember what we are celebrating.

A fireworks vendor suggested to Kimball that we could get a panoramic view of the entire town by finding a hill on a country road outside of town. We followed that advice and watched  all the fireworks in El Dorado Springs with people from the area in their vehicles scattered out over a mile or  two. We got to see all the fireworks and our ears didn’t have to endure the noise. It was like a Wilbur’s fireworks show spaced out and muted. I wonder if Rhonda Wallen’s dog, which used to freak out during Wilbur’s  show virtually in the Wallen’s back yard,  appreciated the peace and quiet in Dederick.

I received a thank you for everyone from the El Dorado Springs Cross Country Team and coaches. Kimball brought home an order from them for my Friday noon meal. DELICIOUS.

I was watching the noon news on a Springfield TV station when they ran a 50-year anniversary announcement for Ralph and Wilma Cartman, El Dorado Springs. Reckon that was the two I was in high school with: Ralph Zartman and Wilma Hillsman? I’m sure the Z in their name sounded like a C over the phone.

I was on the phone with Wilma just last week and she told me they had closed their milk barn a couple of years ago, leased the farm to Adam Arnold and moved closer to town. That day Ralph was combining fescue seed and was going to bale the hay in square bales for Adam to haul in.

I don’t know how we withstood the heat back then while we loaded the bales then stacked them in the barn loft. I’ve never feel cheated when I see a field of 1,500 to 2,000 lb. round bales. I’ve wanted to get a bed and breakfast photo of cows and calves resting on round bale hay someone has unrolled in a field for them.

• Tammy Mays stopped in and told Kimball her daughter, Madison, is switching jobs. You remember that she was my brain coach while I was at Park View in Bolivar. Without ever applying, Madison was recruited for a speech therapist at Warsaw school at a nice pay increase over the job at the nursing home/rehab facility in Bolivar.

• I’d say Warsaw is still getting a good deal. It didn’t take Madison long to straighten out my scrambled brain. Even on days I didn’t feel good, I’d keep my appointment with Madison. She kept good records and in the first two weeks, she doubled my brain capacity or ability, but she didn’t want to take credit for it. I think Judge Dennis Reaves was only in rehab in Bolivar a week and I’m sure he was one of Madison’s patients.

I can tell them one thing, if the Warsaw and Bulldog girls basketball teams advance in state competition next spring, I think I can tell where Madison’s loyalty will be: with her younger (but taller) sister, Macy’s, team which made it to the final eight, I think, this year and didn’t lose anybody to graduation. Her co-workers in Bolivar didn’t know that Madison was a starter on the Bulldog girls team that won a state championship…till I got there. KL