I asked Kimball Monday morning what we have to talk to you about this week. She said, “Picnic comin’”

I called City Hall to get the name of the carnival company.  A new voice to me, Britney, told me the company is the same one we had last year, Fun Time Shows.

-Tickets for arm bands go on sale at City Hall this Friday for $23. It will be $25 if you wait until the Picnic gets here next week.

I sure hope the cooler weather holds for the Picnic. Wouldn’t these cooler days and evenings be a welcome relief?

– I think Covid fears held down attendance last year. Kimball and I have had both our shots. I suppose that is not a guarantee of immunity, but for us, it takes the worry out of being close. I got my first shot while I was in rehab. No reaction.  Kimball had the same experience wherever she got her first one.

We both got our second shots on a house call from Jennifer Mays RN. I noticed she stayed around for about 15 or 20 minutes to see if we had a reaction. It may have been longer but we were talking. Again I had zero reaction. Kimball had some aches the next morning that went away.

A cousin of mine got so sick from the first shot that she went to the went to the hospital and her doctor told her not to get the second shot.

I saw an older woman on TV who had a stroke from taking a shot. I didn’t catch if it was the first or second shot. She had a brain bleed that almost killed her.

So I won’t advise anyone to get the shot or not to get the shot. And I won’t wear a mask voluntarily.

Joe and Doris Norval, who have both had a few birthdays, both got Covid and recovered. Joe told me he would never let anyone run that brush up his nose again to test him for Covid. I lost count of now many times I had that brush up my nose when I was in therapy in Bolivar. I keep my card handy that documents the dates of both my shots.

My favorite college professor asked me to review a book ($15 at Evans) he has written. Never expected to grade a paper for Dr. Donnie Levi who taught Ag Law at 7:40 a.m. at MU because he was a third-year law student and their classes didn’t start that early. The main character in the book is a little boy name Donnie Denim who is spending summers with his grandparents, Gram Pa and Gram Ma Denim on their Cedar County farm. Seemed like he was telling my story.               KL