Kimball and I enjoyed watching the USA women’s beach volleyball team win gold over the team from Australia. I would say girls’ team but at 37 years old and 6-5 and 6-1 they outgrew “girls” a long  time ago. At least one of them has twins of her own.

I didn’t realize how much “scouting” takes place. One of the winners said that scouting and their game plan worked even better than they expected.

-We saw a documentary of Custer’s Last Stand.  They practically took the site apart with metal detectors and came to a conclusion that really surprised me: It was General George Armstrong Custer’s fault that he and his soldiers were killed. They were outgunned. Custer and his men were armed with single shot 45-70 Civil War era rifles that took several seconds to reload after each shot.

The Indians were using lever action rifles (I didn’t hear them mention the caliber but it wasn’t 30-30) that could fire a bullet every two seconds from I think they said a 14 round magazine.

Whoever investigated the battle said that Gen. Custer was not the last to die. He had taken a bullet to his chest and one to his temple.

No danger of getting shot but the Picnic Committee meeting will begin at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday in City Hall if you want to discuss merry-go-round, Ferris Wheel or anything else about the just completed Picnic.

The crowds had recovered from the Covid 19 scare of the previous year. City Manager Bruce Rogers said the vendors made money. It was the same carnival company as last year but they set up differently. North Main looked bare because they set up on Broadway and in the Methodist Parking lot, if I can call it that. Well, it used to be.

Joy Eason sent me a Facebook photo of a momma copperhead and nine of her babies. She forwarded the photo from Brian Cluck who wrote:·The Month of August is Baby Copperhead Season. So watch out for those little YELLOW tails. They carry a lot of Venom. Copperheads can have upwards of 20 babies but usually under 10. KL