Kimball gave me news from the Picnic Committee meeting last Wednesday night that makes sense once you stop and think about it.  The Picnic Committee decided to hold future Picnics on the third weekend in July.

We have had a problem with conflicting dates for carnival companies. You know, of course, that the goal all these 140 years has been to have the Picnic on the date closest to July 20, the founding date of El Dorado Springs in 1881.

-Well, I made some progress today with my insurance company. I’ve been waiting on taking a chemical stress test Dr. Wyant, my regular doctor, and my heart specialist, Dr. Jose DeHoyas, want me to have before they will let me start cardiac rehab and go back to driving. Someone with medical authority put down on the form that I was having a heart attack last Jan. 7 when I was trying to die from a septic kidney. Kimball and my brother-in-law, Tom Gough, were both with me the whole time and they didn’t know it.

Dr. Wyant had an echo scan done of my heart and the technician from Nevada who performed it, couldn’t find any heart damage.  So, Dr. Wyant referred me to Dr. Jose DeHoyas. That guy is kinda like Judge Tom Pyle, he could have been a stand-up comedian. Dr. DeHoyas knows a lot about the heart. Judge Pyle knows the law. When he was running for associate circuit judge, my office staff, and I, would flock to the front counter when he came it just to see what he would come up with. I decided early on  I didn’t want to stand before him in court. With his sense of humor. He might put me under the jail with a sly smile on his face.

Back to Dr. DeHoyas. He told me that when the heart is under that much stress, it uses up all of your reserves.  As he put it, a pebble in the forehead could knock you over. I told him I wasn’t Goliath.

So, he wants a chemical stress test. My insurance company, WellCare, wouldn’t authorize the test. They wanted him to use a tread mill. So I’ve been stranded at home or here at the office waiting on a ride from Kimball or Davis. A nurse told me Monday that the hold up on my stress test was the insurance and that they might respond if I threatened to go to the Missouri Insurance Commission.  I didn’t threaten, I went. It suddenly was all just a big mistake, but I have an approval number.

-A man in El Dorado died from Covid. His family didn’t want his obituary in the paper. A lady who went to his funeral said he told  “one of the girls, I wish I had taken the shot.”

Kimball and I have each had two shots. I told my doctor’s nurse Monday, “If the doctor thinks I need a booster. I’ll take it.” She said it is still being discussed. KL