It’s dangerous to let a fisherman edit copy on Labor Day. But I did my job. I cracked up when I saw Kimball’s report that the El Dorado Springs Fire Department volunteers had operated the boot block for two days and collected $6.86. I called her on the office phone and she added some zeros to the pocket change figure.

• I woke up this morning dreaming about helping Adrian pick the right size boat to go fishing in the flooding Osage. When I called all the usual fishing reporters and they either didn’t answer the phone or didn’t have anything to report, it was a short trip down memory lane to some fabulous fall fishing. Maybe you can weed out a tip or two from my fishing report.

• – I passed my chemical stress test the doctor’s nurse called and told me. I was pretty sure I did because I asked the nurse in the room how fast they got it. She said, “96.” I had it up to 120 just walking laps at the health care facility in Bolivar.  I felt my chest get a little tight when they got it up to 96 but nothing alarming.

• After that they said it was time for breakfast. I had been fasting since midnight. The Nevada Hospital kitchen puts out some good grub. Of course, CCMH does, too, a I recall but I was sick when I was in there. Then the radiologist put some radioactive stuff in my veins. It was back on the table for more photos.

• -The heart doctor’s nurse said I can exercise now. I guess that means Dr. Wyant will turn Brook in cardiac rehab loose on me. I expect pain and torture.

-Did you listen on the radio to the football game between the Clever Bluejays and our Bulldogs?

Of course, I was well pleased when we scored 30 points in the first half while holding them to just 3 points. You need to read Coach Beckner’s good report on how the game went, but we won big time including a 99 yard TD run.

Thanks for Becky Cooper for several well-done action photos of the game. We only had room for the best one. 

This Friday the Dawgs go mess with a herd of Buffalos. I plan to be listening on the radio. Mike Morin and Joe Barger do a good job with info you wouldn’t get in the bleachers.

-A neighbor called the office to discuss his telephone outage. He and we haven’t had a phone for two weeks and it’s impossible to get the company’s repair service (if they even have one) on the phone. It may drive me to a cell phone like Kimball has. She can talk on hers at the house. I can’t. I also don’t even know how to answer her smart phone. But when she needs a phone number, she has me look in my flip phone or my memory. KL