You know I don’t get heavily into politics. That may come from my Grandpa Charlie Long who told somebody he had a lot more trouble with seed ticks than he did with poly tics.

I was having trouble getting back to sleep about 2 a.m., so I did me some useless thinking. Kimball can watch the political talk shows for hours or so it seems. So thinking about it is a good way for me to go back to sleep.

Specifically, I thought what are we going to do about Joe Biden? I’ve heard speculation that the moderates who voted Trump out of office might come to their senses in the midterms and put a Republican majority back in the House and Senate. That would mean that they could impeach President Biden and Vice President Harris.

That would mean that a Republican would be Speaker of the House and third in line for the presidency. I’ve also heard that the Speaker of the House does not have to be someone elected to the House just elected by the House. Can you think of anyone who would be qualified to deal with all the problems created by the Biden/Harris administration? I went back to sleep. That might be enough to keep some Democrats awake.

-I heard from Bruce Rogers Monday  that Crappie Master magazine has named Matthew Rogers and his dad, Bruce, their national Angler of the Year team. Matthew fished for the national championship in Lake D’Arbonne, Louisiana  and came in 6th by less than a pound, Bruce said.

I’ve never even seen the electronics Matthew has mastered that lets him follow and target an individual crappie.

Bruce said that in 2019 Matthew took home $80,000 from winning crappie tournaments. This year, 2021 been less profitable for Mathew, Bruce said. One problem is that a reduced number of contestants enter tournaments.  Wonder why?

Bruce said that Matthew is a stickler for the rules. It bugs him that some people cheat and get away with it.

Bruce said that if he and Matthew are catching fish, other boats watch them and the next morning there will be eight or 10 boats where there were two the day before.

Other contestants make up stories about Mathew and that bothers him.

There are other crappie tournament circuits so Bruce and Matthew may have to branch out. I saw one for $125,000 as I was searching the internet. KL

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