I was feeling bullet proof after taking all the recommended virus prevention shots. Nevertheless, a week ago Friday, I felt awful o much so hat when Kimball offered to call he ambulance, I agreed with hesitation.

The ambulance came from Osceola and got me to CCMH by way of Tiffin.

I didn’t recognize the ER doctor who looked at my lab results and announced, “You have Moaderna.”

I told him I had taken both Covid shots. He said lots of people get the virus after taking the shots to prevent it. Kimball took both shots and never got Covid.

So I went into a Covid isolation room for a week. I’ve got black and blue bruises on my hands and arms. My favorite shot giver was CJ, a soldier who gave shots in the back of a HumVee. CJ never missed.

On Saturday, Dr. Wyant released me from Covid isolation. He told me that the shots probably saved my life. He said the shots shortened the duration of my attack. I’m at my desk on Monday still feeling pretty well awful.

My advice: Get your shots.

-The age of woman doesn’t mean at thing. The best tunes are played on the oldest fiddles.

Ralph Waldo Emerson KL