Elliot Ross Adams, born Jan 5, 2022, at the Nevada Regional Medical Center, is the first baby of the New Year. I realize that there may have been someone born before that, but he was the first one reported. So, congratulations to baby Elliot Ross and his parents, Lane and Savannah Adams. They are entitled to all the presents listed in last week’s paper.

  After quite a few weeks, it looks like we are back in the video business and starting with next week with an interview with Angela Kenney primarily about her yoga studio.

  I’ve begun receiving spring planting catalogs. I want to plant multi colored sunflowers out south east and tulips to the west and maybe revive by my Iris (es). Kenny says that I am snake bit when it comes to iris. Could be, but there’s got  to be an antidote somewhere.

And I got a new cookbook for Christmas titled Screen Doors and Sweet Tea. How about a bowl made out of  half of an onion and banana pudding served in mason jars?

I’ll keep reading and looking and ya’ll wish me luck with the iris.           KSL

My computer became a raging beast – I couldn’t correct anything I had typed yesterday. I asked Carla Gilbert from some figures on what the Cedar County Health Department costs to operate and how much revenue it provided which she sent to me. I know she did. I read them. That’s the last time I saw them.

I can tell you this: The Cedar Health Department is losing money. It’s taking in some revenue, but not enough.

Jeanine Ehlers sent me a list, a long list, of the services the Health Department provides for citizens.. The commissioners told me they will continue those services. I’m talking about birth and death certificates, health inspections, services we have got to have. I don’t know how long the county can bear the lost revenue.

I’ll ask Carla Gilbert and Jeanine Ehlers to send me the figures again. I think I found the hole in my bucket. I’ll print them out as soon as I get them then I’ll have a record copy.

I didn’t get the call made Monday to Dr. Wyant to drill a hole in my head or wherever they drill for excess fluid. This is a nasty bug.

I intend to make that call Monday. I’m tired of being on a walker and bouncing off walls and furniture. KL