First things first.  I had to hear about Jeanne Hoagland being at the Chiefs’ game Sunday for her birthday. Her entire family was there except her son who is in the military. She said it was the loudest game she had ever attended. But when Buffalo scored a touchdown with just seconds to go, she said you could have heard a pin drop. Then, she said, the noise level started to build back up. When Mahomes connected with Travis Kelce on the last pass to win the game, she said the noise went from loud to deafening.

Jeanne and John used to have season tickets  when their children were little so they are experienced fans.

I was actually talking to her about the “community illness.” I think we’ll get along a lot better if we no longer acknowledge that this plague-like pandemic has a name. That works for some things so we might try it.

There have been lots of people ill with “CI” including my neighbor who I saw at the grocery store recently. I hadn’t seen him a while.

“Where have you been?”

“At home.”

Nuff said.

As we went by the Lions Club Park Monday, I noticed that the Centennial covered wagon is still uncovered as it has been for several years. I think the Centennial Wagon is under the auspices of the museum, but maybe not. Does anyone know where the cover is? I thought it was repaired several years ago. Maybe that’s not true either.

Well, we’ve survived the first cold spell of the year and I hear that there is another coming. That’s what winter is all about, yes?

We are here at the end of the month, so start thinking about the Super Bowl and then Valentine’s Day. There is always a holiday coming up to take your mind off of  – whatever.          KL and KSL